Tshirt Store!

What a great summer we’ve had! Crazy! The body is filled with vitamin D, heart with joy and love and the head with wonderful summer memories. I just started to recover from Way Out West (as always it was amazing!) and now you can really feel that the autumn is waiting for us just around the corner. But I don’t mind! I really love the fall and I have so much fun to look forward to!

That said, there’s so much fun going on the next few months. I’m so excited! But it has already secretly started a bit! The last few days I’ve been at Tshirt Store in Gothenburg. I was given free hands to paint in their storefronts. Which I thought sounded very fun!

“What should I paint then?” At first I thought that I would do lots of different patterns, circles and lines. But then I asked Niklas (which is the store manager) which of the the t-shirts who were the most popular. He pointed out a few different variations, but I fell in love almost immediately in a blue T-shirt with a little half-scary monster created by the artist and graphic designer The total meaninglessness. I decided to make my own version of the little blue monster and that he might would wave with his hand. Like he’s friendly welcoming the costumers in to the store.

It wasn’t just to paint without further notice. You had to think a little. That it should work on such a large surface that is made of glass and that it should look good from both inside and outside. And that you can remove in the end without destroying the window glass. But with some help including 5 Posca pens, a whole lot of blue adhesive plastic and a delightful companion from a brilliant staff, it turned out really good in the end!

Thank you so much Niklas, Daniel and Paulina for really fun days!

Here are some pictures from the process.









Tuesday August 13th, 2013