Thank you Farmers market for a wonderful weekend!

Now I’m back home again. After a truly magical weekend at Farmers market at Strömma farmlodge. I would love to take a few weekends a year at this amazing place just to unwind and enjoy idyllic country life. Such a wonderful place! If you haven’t been there yet, I really recommend a visit.

The Farmers market was running both Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 4pm. The forecast showed glorious sunny weather all weekend and the autumn was as beautiful as it only can be at Strömma. Live music was played, the farm was all colorful by all the flowers and crops, the sun was shining and the barbecue smelled delicious… Everything was on top! Up to 15 minutes later, when the whole sky suddenly opened and the weather went bananas! (Thanks for that weatherman ;) ) I’ve never seen that much rain. And it didn’t stop either … For 3 hours in a row the rain poured down like crazy. Everything was soaked! And the farm turned into a lake. What are you supposed to do? I felt so sorry for all visitors who got stuck in the barn to take shelter for hours, all those who stood selling out in the yard that were now completely soaked, everyone who’s been working so hard to make this market so pretty! I was lucky enough to stand inside the barn. But despite this crazy weather, everyone was in a very good mood and helped each other as much as they could.

The women who organizes Farmers market are so incredibly resourceful and efficient, so it didn’t take long before there was a tanker in the yard that sucked up all the water. All the cars that were parked on the fields were now bathing in clay and was totally stuck. So then they called some tractors that helped everyone to drag their cars off the fields. Such heroes! You could no longer park anywhere so then they quickly got some buses to drive all the visitors back and forth to Strömma. I mean … Can it be more of a Farmers market than this? I am very happy to have been towed by a tractor over a field for the first time in my life. A little muddy, but a lot of fun! :)

Just as the market was about to close for the day, the sun finally visited us. And ss an ending and balm for a wet soul, one of my favorite artists, Tingsek also entered the stage. And what a performance he did! I cried… For the first time to a gig. (and I’ve been at plenty!) It was magical…

Luckily the weather was much more pleasant during the Sunday. It was sunny! and a really lovely farmers market day! Just as it should be!

And here are some pictures from Farmers market in Strömma <3

A little rain never hurt anybody.

It was cozy and warm inside the barn.

Lovely neighbors <3

Kollijox and Lisa Burenius.


There was once upon a time a road.

Hello sun!

The kids are making potato animals.


Anyhow design

Juice and Yoga!

Lovely musik!

The cars were swimming.

The awesome women behind Farmers market: Anna Linton, Marina Evertsson, Lovisa Jacobsson and Jennie Blomkvist <3

This time I went alone so unfortunately I couldn’t run around that much to take pictures. But I got some! :)

Thank you so much Farmers market, Strömma farmlodge, amazing organizers and all dear visitors who made this weekend fantastic even though we had some bad luck with the weather. I really hope I’ll see you again soon! <3

(Photo by: Sanna Wieslander, Annika Wieslander and farmers market crew)

Tuesday September 19th, 2017