Sharp eyed Owen – NEW PRINT!

Heeey everyone!

Days are just flying by and now it’s been a while since I posted something here (again).

It’s been some busy (but great) weeks lately! I’ve been working on some commission orders, a small advertising campaign, new print, I’ve been working on an exhibition, I went to Denmark and visited some of my lovely retailers and my wonderful agent, planning for North Modern in August in Copenhagen etc. So much fun! Happy days! :)

Since a lot of this still is a bit secret, I haven’t been posting any images lately. That’s why I’ve been a bit quiet. But I’ll show you soon, promise! :)

Well get to the point then! Now he’s finally finished! The little owl… I’m so incredibly happy and grateful for all your lovely comments, likes and support on both Instagram and Facebook. You’re just the best! THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

You may wonder how many hours I spend on drawing such a little fellow like this? And how much time it takes to make him as print? Usually, I already have an idea in my head. Then I’m spending a lot of time just finding images of inspiration to get a sharper picture of what I really want, combining different pictures and adding something of myself to a new one. Then I make a quick sketch until I get it right. That’s the hardest part of the process.

Sometimes it takes only a few hours, sometimes several days or weeks. Then, when I have a clear picture in front of me it all goes pretty quickly. This particular owl took about 10 hours to draw. When the drawing is complete, I scan and work with the final touch in my computer, clean it up a bit. Then it’s time for the first test print. Sometimes it’s turn out nicely on the first try. Mostly it doesn’t ..;) I might have missed some dirt in the edges or some lines that turned out a little darker or brighter then I thought when I scanned the image. Then I’ll need to adjust the picture again and make a new test print.

So how much time does it take then? Well, it varies a lot. From just an idea until I have the prints in stock, it can take anywhere from one week (if it all goes smoothly, which happens very rarely ;) up to 5-6 weeks.

Anyway! Now he’s here! Let me introduce you all to my new fluffy little friend … Sharp eyed Owen! Now available as art prints in several sizes in the shop.

Here are some pictures from the process.


Sharp eyed owen

Sunday May 17th, 2015