Summer break in the shop.

Hello darlings!

I just wanted you to know that soon it’s time for me to have some vacation. Only one week to go! Then I will be recharging my batteries for 3 whole weeks. This time, David and I will go to Portugal surfing together with some friends. After our surf trip to Costa Rica last winter, we fell in love! So we just had to do it again! 12 days of surf! Lovely! Then we will come back to Sweden, stay a few days at home in Gothenburg and then we will continue our journey to Sälen in Sweden. There, we will stay in a cabin in the woods, enjoying the nature, hike, bike and just have a really good time. It will be wonderful!

This means that during that time, the webshop will be open as usual. But! Orders placed after Thursday, July 21 will not be sent away until, as earliest on Monday, August 15, 2016, when I’m back home in Sweden again.

But there’s still one week left to spend at my creative, little happy place! I will be in the studio working until Thursday next week (July 21). If anyone would like to drop a visit or shop art print or posters directly from me :)

Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Hugs from Sanna <3


Thursday July 14th, 2016