Vacation in Mexico.

Hola amigos!

Now I’m back home again in a rainy and cold Gothenburg after three wonderful weeks in sunny Mexico together with my better half and his family. We’ve had such a great time! Lots of sun, heat, long and white beaches,  a little adventure and a little to much tequila ;)

We stayed at at really great apartment in Playa del Carmen. Two floors, we all had our own rooms + bathroom and on the top floor there was a large roof terrace with an outdoor kitchen. Playa del Carmen was a really great place. Lots of beaches, restaurants with supergod food, nightclubs, bars, and there was so much activities to do. The sea was incredible! Glowing turquoise and full of life! We went on boat trips to both Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, we dove with bull sharks and in cenotes in the jungle (underground caves), rented a car and drove around, visited Tulum and Cancun. Yes! I highly recommend everyone to go there!

Everywhere we went we saw a lot of cool street art by really talented artists.  So now I’m really eager to paint big and more colorful. W’ll see what the inspiration has to offer ;) Now I’ve really been charging my batteries and I’m super excited about 2017! It will be an awesome year! I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes! :)

Here are some pictures from our holiday.


Street art everywhere! Pure happiness on a wall <3


Searching for cenotes in the jungle.


We found both small and big once.




Day trip to Chichen Itza.


Took the ferry to Cozumel.



Celebrating Christmas on the beach. Guess who’s the Santa? ;)

We dove with bullsharks. It’s we who sits nicely in a row down there on the bottom. Our instructor strictly told us that we must not wave to much with our arms or legs because then they can come and “nibble” a bit. I wasn’t nervous at all. Not even a bit ;)



Took a day trip with a catamaran to Isla mujeres.


My sweet parents in law <3



David talked to Mr Pelican.


He didn’t seem that impressed by the conversation.


Spinnaker swing!

We ate a lot of really good food. Mostly seafood. nomnom.


Sugar skulls everywhere!



Happy new year!


Another day in paradise!



David the mermaid.


Rented a car and searched for turtle beaches and Mayan temples in Tulum.



Time to dive in cenotes!



Such an amazing experience! It feels like you are floating around in space.


After we’ve been swimming around for a while, under earth, in the darkness, we saw the light and followed it up to a small cave. Then down again and back to from where we started and off to visit other cenotes.

We filmed a lot with GoPro down there but all the films got very dark (we didn’t have enough flashlights). So here’s a little you tube clip from another person who has been cave diving in Chikin ha (one of the cenotes that we dove in) just to show you how it might look.

If you’re ever in Mexico and like to dive I really recommend you to do this! :) Such a cool experience!

Thank you so much Rudquist family for a wonderful vacation <3 Now I’ve recharged my batteries to the max and I’m super excited for a awesome 2017! :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year as well <3

Hey ho, let’s go! 

Thursday January 12th, 2017