New studio!

Or, I haven’t moved to a “new studio” really… It’s exactly the same address as before but now I’ve got another bigger room to work in as well (“same, same but different”) :)

When I moved here for about a year ago I shared this studio with an absolutely wonderful woman and artist, Melody Brzezinski and her four-legged beauty Nancy, “the stinky dinky dog”. We immediately became good friends. Actually almost like a little family!

The studio has two rooms which where I sat in the kitchen area and Melody in the room next door making huge, beautiful oil paintings. There we worked and disappeared into our own creative, little worlds, separately but together at the same time. When we needed a break we put on some coffee and talked about everything under the sun, tossing ideas or watching quirky animals on Youtube. It was such a wonderful time! Thanks for letting me share this year with you! I will miss you guys <3

But everything has its time and at the end of the year, Melody wanted to work more from home and chose to leave the building. So, from now on I will have the whole studio for myself! I felt that it needed a lighter face-lift so ever since I came home from our vacation, I’ve been busy renovating. (and working on commissions, packing orders and making a new print, but that’s an other story ;)

Now finally, I’m done! It really feels like my second home already and I think I’ve actually been spending more time in the studio lately than in our apartment. That must be a good sign! (or a bad one for our apartment? ;)  So, here are some pictures of the old vs. the new studio.

This is what it looked like when I first moved in, for about a year ago.



“Nancy the stinky dink”


Time to move in and put some paint on those walls! (couldn’t find any old pictures of that room.)


My man is helping me out and thinks it’s super-fun! (?) ;)


I’m painting the walls and got wall paint all over myself, just as it should be.


The best parents ever (<3) are helping me using cool machines and showing me how to drill holes in impossible walls.



And it’s done! Welcome to my second home! :)







DSC01976 (1)




DSC01984 (1)

So, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, You are more than welcome to drop by and say hi! (you’ll find the address and a map under the tab – contact) I’m here until 17:00 almost every monday-friday. My door is always open! :)

Wednesday February 24th, 2016