I empty the studio = New products in the shop!

Soon it’s time! In August I will close down my webshop and empty my studio on everything that has to do with prints and posters. Because this fall I will start studying at Tibro Craft Academy! I’m so excited! The idea is that I will learn everything that has to do with decorative painting, illusion painting and plating. A chance to give myself time to learn more and broaden my business in the future even within the painting industry. Maybe paint more murals? Churches or doing scenography? All these areas are something that I’ve been very curious about for a long time but that I’ve hadn’t had the time for the last copuple of years.


I will study full time and now when we have a little girl to take care of as well there’s not so much time left in the end of the day. Which has led me to decide to take a break from the webshop and send orders. But I still love to draw so that is something I will continue doing. In the future, however, there will be more mixed content here than only pencil drawings and posters. I’ll keep writing here on the blog and post pictures on social media of course! You won’t get rid of me that easy. I’m just chaning course a bit.

With that said, I now empty the studio of old stuff to make room for the future. As these folders with Swan lady and Wilma wildcat on!


Perfect for storing papers at home, at school or at work. When folded, it measures 24 × 30 cm (space for regular A4 papers). To the right on the inside of the folder there’s also space for a business card. Now you find both Wilma wildcat and Swan lady as folders in my shop! Regular price 199 SEK. Now 99 SEK each!

I would love you to join me on this new chapter in life! I will also release a new homepage this fall with more focus on the blog. Writing about what I’m up to at my school and giving some DIY tips and trix. And who knows, when I’ve finished my studies I might open my webshop again. <3

Monday June 22nd, 2020