New logo!

Making a logo may not be as easy as it sounds. When I started my business SWART (Sanna Wieslander ART) in 2013, I didn’t think so much about the logo or what it should look like. I just threw something together that I thought I could use until I would come up with a real one.  And so I sat there… Three years later! And still had the same one… Haha. Well, time really flies when you’re having fun! So I guess it was a good sign ;)


The old one looked like this. The background is an extreme close up of a very small part of my first mural as I did here in Gothenburg. Why text is orange. Well, that’s because it’s my favorite color ;) For me, the color orange also stands for creativity. Which I thought would be appropriate now when my work is… quite creative <3 But I must admit that I don’t think this logo is all too exciting.

But now finally! I’ve made a new one! When you looked at the old one, it didn’t say that much about my work. You understood it by the text, but not by the look. So this time I wanted it to be more obvious! I really liked the font so I kept that. But instead of just having a plain text, I chose to replace the A with a brush and a pen that is crossed. And of course, I added a small dash of orange color on the brush as well ;)

This is how it turned out in the end! (I vary the subtitle sometimes depending on the situations in which it should appear.)

SWART logga frykantig (www+oranget)

And this is what it looked like during the process.


The first idea-sketches.


The pen and brush that I used as an A in SWART.



Almost ready! Just missing a little bit of orange paint on the brush!

SWART logga frykantig (www+oranget)



New logo, new business cards!


…And a new sign on the wall in the studio :)

DSC03147 (1)

…and new labels! Not that bad, right? :)

Wednesday July 13th, 2016