In the interior world there has been a huge focus on patterns lately. And it’s hard not to be inspired by all beautiful flowery wallpapers, textiles and clothes on social media (if you follow that kind of accounts). This has woken my curiosity about how to make them. Imagine how fun it would be to make your own wallpaper?! Or maybe a little dress for your child with your own illustrations on? That said, I booked myself a distance course in pattern design.

So lately I’ve been experimenting with my sketch book, tablet and photoshop. And here comes a little peek from our first workshop. Simple drawings of different dog rose flowers from my sketch book were pieced together and eventually became a digital pattern. It’s so much fun to learn and see how the pattern is slowly emerging.

And this is what it looks like with different colors.

All of a sudden a new world has opened up and I can see patterns in just about everything! So now I’m going to continue experimenting here at home. #staytuned

Would you also like to learn how to make pattern designs (or something else creative)? Then I really recommend looking into Art college’s homepage. I have taken courses there in both “regular” pattern design and digital pattern design led by the artist Cecilia Pettersson. She’s really great! Check it out! :)



Monday November 11th, 2019