Decorating eggs for Halloween.

For some reason it has become a tradition the last couple of years to decorate eggs for Halloween. Maybe it would be more appropriate to do so during Easter. But apperently, I think it’s more fun with a little more scarier motives ;)

Last year, it looked like this.



I really don’t know why I painted these eggs like eyes. I was just making breakfast and boiled some eggs and thought that it would be fun to paint them a little bit scary for Halloween. The shape of an egg fits quite well as an eye as well. So later that day I sat down and played and painted eggs to eyes in my kitchen. When they were finished I took a picture of them and posted it on Instagram and wished everybody a happy Halloween and it quickly became quite populare. It was also shared by repost app and got over 170,000 likes. So fun! :)

This year, I wanted to paint skulls. At first I painted a little more traditional skulls but thought they were a bit boring and “gray” so then I went over to painting “sugar skulls” instead. A little more colorful varieties.

They can look like this:


So here’s the making process of my sugar scull eggs! At first I made a quick sketch with graphite pencils and after that I used Posca markers. Posca are very fun and easy to work with. They are a type of acrylic pens and are available in lots of different colors and thicknesses. Perfect for egg decorations! ;)




Dropped one on the floor.He got so scared that he dropped his jaw.


And they are finished! Tadaa! Right now they are just laying in a bowl in the studio as a decoration. But I thought I might use them for next years easter twigs ;)

Then I got another idea! I wanted to make a pretty bowl to put all the candy in for all the cute “trick or treat” kids visiting during Halloween. So I took a yellow old Easter egg and decorated in the same way.



Some “bling bling”


This one got a black background instead of gray ( I painted tha background with ordinary acrylic paint). Not that bad right? :)


Now that this Halloween weekend is over, it’s just standing on the shelf in the studio as a decoration. I made some extra “halloween eggs” and filled them with home-baked sweets and gave away. Easter eggs are a pretty nice thing to decorate. Suddenly it becomes a rather nice box that you can fill with something sweet. Whether it’s Easter, Halloween, another feast or just a day that you want to spoil someone you care about. Try it! I promise it will be appreciated :)

(and a few weeks later after I wrote this, I decided to put the eggs in my tiny christmas tree in the studio. A fun and very different kind of Christmas decoration ;) 

Monday October 31st, 2016