Christmas break in the shop.

Ho ho ho!

I just wanted to tell you that me and my other half decided to give each other a trip as Christmas gift. So, December 26th we’re off! Two weeks of surfing in Costa rica followed by almost one whole week of shopping in New York. We thought that was a pretty good idé ;)

It means that the webshop will be open as usual. But orders placed after thuesday 22/12-2015 will not be sent away until, as earliest on thursday 21/1-2016 when I’m back home in Sweden again. After that everything will continue as normal.

I will be in my studio here in Gothenburg almost everyday now before we’re leaving. So if you’re in the neighbourhood, you’re more than welcome to drop by and say hi!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Big hug, Sanna <3








Thursday December 10th, 2015