Fox’n’roll – NEW PRINT!

I felt that it was about time for me to draw a new family member. I’ve been thinking about making a skater for a very long time now. But it wasn’t until I met Brillmans brädor at Farmers market for a few weeks ago that I felt that now… Now it’s really about time! (They make new, cool stuff from old, broken skate boards. Check them out! :)

And how come a fox? Well.. They are very cute I must say. But maybe it had something to do with our road trip in Slovakia and Poland this summer. When we were hiking in the mountains in Slovakia one day, we met a very curious and friendly little fox. And from that day… I’ve might have had a crazy crush for foxes ;)

And here are as usual, some pictures from the drawing process.

How cute?

A little statement doesn’t hurt.

And here she is! (Or is it a he?) Framed and ready! Let me introduce our latest family member… (drum roll) Fox’n’roll!

Now you’ll find Fox’n’roll as signed art prints and posters in several different sizes together with the rest of the crew in my webshop.

Hope you like her/him! :)


Monday October 29th, 2018