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You really have to keep up with all the “social media trends”;) So now I also have Snapchat! (Finally, I know… I’m a little bit slow.. ;)  If you would like to follow me there, then just search for “sannawieslander” and I’ll be popping up! On Snapchat I’ll be showing you a little bit more personal and “behind the scenes” glimpse of my life and work. Note that almost everything I post there is in Swedish so far (unlike from Facebook and Instagram where I write everything in English).


This week I’ve spent a few days in my beloved hometown Uddevalla and at the restaurant Pinchos. The fact is that we are preparing for a giant mural inside Pinchos courtyard. So much fun! And best of all! I get to work together with the most wonderful, creative, warmest, wisest woman I know … MY MOM! <3 Yup! It’s from her I’ve got all my creative genes. She is an absolutely amazing illusion-painter which will be a bit of the theme for the mural.

Come by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood! We will be there and work 2-3 days a week. Usually Thu-Sat, a few weeks ahead. The rest of the time during the weeks, I will be working as usual in my studio in Gothenburg.

This is the wall that we will be working on (the entire concrete wall in the middle). But we keep the motif a little secret for now ;)



And here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been doing the past few days.








What you see here will be like a port/old front door when it is finished. But this is only a small part of the whole mural. So we will spend quite a lot of time at Pinchos the next few weeks. Which is great fun! :)

If you would like to see more images from the restaurant you can find it here. Super tasty tapas in lovely and cozy circus atmosphere! Well worth a visit!

Saturday May 14th, 2016