Flying light – NEW PRINT!

Hello everyone in the amazing spring weather!

Now finally I got the light bulb in stock in a bunch of fine, exclusive quality prints in various sizes. The idea was not to print up this drawing from the beginning, I made it for my upcoming exhibition at The BARN in the spring (a great restaurant here in Gothenburg). But the more I looked at the finished result I thought for myself that “it would be so nice to have this motive as an art print  …” I spoke to the lovely guys at The BARN and asked if it was ok to print it up and sell the original at the exhibition. There was no problem, just fun! :) Wiho!

Actually this is now the only original for sale of all the illustrations I sell in my web shop. So if you would like to have an original drawing from me on the wall back home you know where to look in the spring ;)

I had trouble to figure out what to name it (usually I have a very vivid imagination but this time it all just stod still) so I asked you for some help both on Instagram and Facebook. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the awesome name suggestions! You are just the best! Now I’ve looked into a few different names that I really liked and finally I’ve decide to name it FLYING LIGHT. It was both Philip Hammarström and Noria Manouchi who came up with this same great propocal on each social media. As a big thanks for “winning” name suggestion, I will send you both an art print of Flying Light.

Here are some pictures of the making process.




Flying light


Tuesday March 10th, 2015