Honey, I’m hooome!

Time really does flies when you’re having fun! It feels like it was yesterday we packed the car and left. Anyway, now we’re back! After 3 weeks of lovely vacation around in Europe.

We drove through Denmark, Germany and then we stayed in Austria for about one week on the awesome playground called Area 47! This place really lived up to all our expectations! We’ve had sooo much fun! So if you like adventure filled with adrenaline in amazingly beautiful nature, I really recommend you to visit this place! (See pictures below) Then we went to Switzerland, France and back through Germany and Denmark again and then we took the ferry home to Gothenburg.

Here are some pictures from our little adventure!

Camping at Rømø, Denmark.


Drove down to München to met up our dear friends.

Why don’t take a walk to the park for some surf?

Drove slowly down to Austria after two days of big city life in Germany.

We are finally here! Hello Area 47! <3

Our home for the week.

Time to play! Canyoning!

Sooo fun!

About 12 degrees in the water. brrr…

David is jumping from 14 meters.

On adventure with the best person I know <3

Visiting mountain tops.

…and cows.

Enjoying the view.

Andrea got a new friend.

“I think I will stay here…”

Playing around under a bridge.

It was fun!

Time for rafting!

And time for a bath!

Testing the “Giant swing”.

We’re totally relaxed about jumping out 27 meters. Totally…


So this is what we’ve been up to! There’s been different kind of activities on the schedule every day for a whole week. It was sooo much fun! Especially when you get to play like this together with wonderful friends in the beautiful alps! After a week at Area 47, it was time to leave. Andrea, Anders and Anders flew home and David and I slowly drove back home through Europe again.

After traveling through Switzerland we stayed at a cute little campsite at Ballons des Vosges in France.

Say hello to our gorgeous mini-neighbor, Nougat!

We climbed mountains and visited old castles.

Such cute houses!

Tried escargots for the first time. I’m not sure if I’m gonna order it again ;)

Then we drove to Germany and then back home to Sweden again.

It has really been an amazing holiday! And now I’m back at my beloved little studio again! Preparing and packing everything! Because now there’s only two weeks left to Formex design fair in Stockholm! I’m so excited! Hope to see you there! :)

Monday August 7th, 2017