Design market in Jönköping.

Now I’m back home again after a lovely weekend in Jönköping. Because this weekend I’ve been hanging out at a design market simply called, Design market.

I’ve been there a few times before and it’s always such a pleasure to participate at this market. This time we stayed at A6’s shopping mall and it looked a little bit like this.

And this is my stand.


I stayed at a dear friends house and Sofia showed me the beauty of Jönköping during the evening.

I’m now thinking of moving here ;)

Happy for a new day at this place!

Which also happened to be Mothers day here in Sweden! <3

This cool chic droped by and showed me her new tattoo. (Owlifly which I have drawn).

How cool is that? :D

Lovely neighbors! (Tinna design & Pastell by Stina)

I now own a pair of these!

The talented photograph Lisa ryd Carlsson.

and an other great neighbor, Hugo design.

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you all again soon! <3

Monday May 28th, 2018