Need a new phone case?

Hi friends!

Who wouldn’t wanna have a good looking case for their phone while strolling around down town or at the beach this summer? If you do, it’s your lucky day! Because now I got a new discount code for all my phone cases at Caseapp! ;)

Just click HERE, to get to their webshop, then choose model and write SWART as discount coupon when you get to the check out. Et voila! You’ll get 20 % off on all phone cases with my illustrations on.

(Valid until july 4, 2018)

Hope you all have a great summer! <3

Big hug / Sanna

7 June, 2018

Last chance! 50% discount on these illustrations.

Time to let go of these three illustrations and to leave some some space for new fun stuff!

To celebrate this happy goodbye you’ll now get 50 % discount on the illustrations Sharp eyed Owen, Owlifly and Mr Stag beetle (on all sizes!). These little piggies will not be printed again. Which means that when they are out of stock, they’re gone forever!

Grab one before it’s to late! :) You find them in my webshop.


4 June, 2018

Design market in Jönköping.

Now I’m back home again after a lovely weekend in Jönköping. Because this weekend I’ve been hanging out at a design market simply called, Design market.

I’ve been there a few times before and it’s always such a pleasure to participate at this market. This time we stayed at A6’s shopping mall and it looked a little bit like this.

And this is my stand.


I stayed at a dear friends house and Sofia showed me the beauty of Jönköping during the evening.

I’m now thinking of moving here ;)

Happy for a new day at this place!

Which also happened to be Mothers day here in Sweden! <3

This cool chic droped by and showed me her new tattoo. (Owlifly which I have drawn).

How cool is that? :D

Lovely neighbors! (Tinna design & Pastell by Stina)

I now own a pair of these!

The talented photograph Lisa ryd Carlsson.

and an other great neighbor, Hugo design.

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you all again soon! <3

28 May, 2018

Design markets and fairs this summer.

Hello in the lovely May weather!

I will participate in some design markets and fairs this summer. So I thought I write it down, were you can find me (except from in the studio). Because I would be sooo happy if you would like to drop by and say hi! :)

You are as always more than welcome to visit me in my studio in Gothenburg. Just give me a heads up before (on mail or phone) so I’m sure I’m there when you arrive.

I Hope to see you soon! <3


23 May, 2018

A trip to Gran Canaria with Lagerhaus.

You might have seen at my Instastory lately that I’ve been at Gran Canaria for a while and wondered what that’s all about? Well, I’ll gladely tell you! ;)

Before moving to my present studio in Vasa, I shared a studio with two other lovely girls at Redbergsplatsen in Gothenburg. One of them was Maria who then ran her own children’s clothing brand – Cloo collection (and from the very first day she also became a very dear friend). After a while Maria changed course and has now been working as a market coordinator for Lagerhaus for a few years. Which means among other things, that she works with all Lagerhaus’s social media channels and with photographing all their products.

Lagerhaus / Maria was going to Gran Canaria to photograph their new summer collection. A few days before departure they understood that they might would need an extra hand. Since I got a pretty flexible job Maria thought of me and asked me if I could help her for a week. Which I of course loved to! ;) So then it was just to pack the bags and head to the sun!

Here are some pictures from our week.

First day! Maria making instastories at the terrace.

A luggage full of Lagerhaus’s lovely summer products.

Before and after styling.

Yatzy mode!

It’s a sweaty job being an assistant.

…But someone’s gotta do it.

The benefits of “all inclusive“.

Flowering cacti as far as the eye can reach.

A “fishy” floor. <3

Taking pictures of matching “parasol plates”.

“it’s in the bag”

Me and my darling friend <3

Sunset picnic photoshoot.

The hotell by night.

Hunting colorful walls in Las Palmas.

You will probably recoginize that little hand in some of Lagerhaus’s product pictures this summer ;)

We had such a wonderful week! Thank you Maria and Lagerhaus for letting me join you on this trip! <3

And you know what? Now YOU can win a trip to Gran Canaria! Because Lagerhaus’s having a competition in cooperation with the travel company – Tui! Just follow Lagerhaus on Instagram! You’ll find pictures from our trip as well as all information about how you participate in this contest at their instastory. GOOD LUCK!





20 April, 2018

Lindholmen street design market

As some of you already might have seen on Instagram, I spent yesterday at Lindholmen street design market here in Gothenburg. It was my first time at this market and I really hope it won’t be my last! Such a cool place!

I had so much fun that I forgot to take any photos so I borrowed some pictures from their website. But I warmly recommend a visit! Such a cool building (like an old factory), lots of tasty food from all corners of the world and a great design market as well of course! ;)

Open every Saturday between 12 – 5 pm. You can read more about the market here:

My dear friend Felicia Enander with her lovely (and brand new) ceramic brand Mackapino.

Thank you everyone who dropped by yesterday! <3 As I said, I really don’t hope this was the last time at Lindholmen street design market (and if there will be more occasions, I will of course give you some heads up first!).

And do you know what else? Soon it’s time for me to pack my suitcase! Because on Wednesday I will go with Maria who works as market coordinator at Lagerhaus, to Gran Canaria and photograph their products in a beautiful holiday environment for a week. It will not be boring! ;)

Talk to you soon!


8 April, 2018

Get free tattoos during Easter!

Hello darlings!

Now I just got a few left of my “fake-tattoos” and I thought that I would like to give the last ones to you. Not only are they pretty on the skin! They are also actually perfect to decorate the Easter eggs with! ;)

So during Easter I will add some fake tattoos for free with all orders made from now until Monday, April 2. (I don’t have that many left so if they would run out I will of course add an other Easter gift in your order. <3 )

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



27 March, 2018

Under the surface – NEW PRINT!

And then it was finally time to make a friend to “Lady in black” in the limited edition series – Dancing ink.

I’ll never stop being fascinated by how the ink dances around when you drop it into water. It’s really hypnotic to watch! This is just one tiny drop of ink that I dropped into a glass of water… and it just keep dancing like there was no tomorrow. So beautiful.

…And trying to capture this beautiful scenery with just pencils on paper is really easier said than done. To draw abstract is (for a little self-critical, perfectionist like me)… very difficult! But after an x-number of “This-didn’t-turn-out-as-I-planned-sketches” she was finally there on the paper. I call this illustration for… Under the surface.

And this is how the “in the making process” looked like.

I took pictures of the dancing ink and used them as inspiration.

Gave a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram.

The home office.

Then I put a little ballet dancer in there aaand voila! It’s finished! :) After that I scanned the drawing and sent it to the printers.

Home delivery! Fresh from the oven!

All numbered and signed by hand.

There are only 250 limited edition art prints of “Under the surface”. Which means that this illustration will not be re-printed when it’s sold out.

This is what she looks like in a frame.

And this is what she looks like together with her best buddy “Lady in black”.

You can now find this limited art print together with the rest of the crew in my webshop.

Hope you like her! :)


7 March, 2018

DIY – Oil lamps out of old bottles.

Are you like me and sometimes buy various drinks only because of that the bottles are pretty?

And then suddenly you have lots of empty bottles at home that are a little too good looking to throw away? Now I’ve got the solution of what to do with them! Turn your old bottles into oil lamps. Perfect to brighten up dark winter days like these. It’s very simple and they turn out soo nice! So! I felt I had to share the tip here.

What you need is:

  • One or several bottles that you think are pretty.
  • Lamp oil
  • Oil lamp wick
  • Oil lamp nozzle (I’m not sure about that translation here. But you get the picture)

I bought it all at You can buy it directly in their web shop or in any of their stores.

The bottles we used at home. (And Yes! We like gin in our family ;)

Then just fill the bottle with lamp oil. The more lamp oil you have in the bottle, the better flame you’ll get. Pull the wick into the nozzle and put it in the bottle. Allow the wick to absorb the oil for about 15 minutes before turning it on. And voila! :)


Easy peasy! :)

27 February, 2018

Last chance – 30 % discount!

It feels like my head is about to explode of all ideas of new illustrations. This spring is gonna be a creative one. I can feel it in my toes! So, I thought that it’s about time to let go of some oldies and to leave some space for something new.

To celebrate this happy goodbye you’ll now get 30 % discount on the illustrations Sharp eyed Owen, Owlifly and Mr Stag beetle (on all sizes!). These little piggies will not be printed again. Which means that when they are out of stock, they’re gone forever!

Grab one before it’s to late! :) You find them in my webshop.


19 January, 2018

When you’re addicted to a TV-series.

You know the feeling when you find a new great TV series. You think you have everything under control but then you find yourself so deep down in the swamp that you almost can’t handle your daily life anymore. Only one more episode, OK one more…. one more and then it’s suddently 4.30 in the morning and you don’t know if it’s a evening snack your eating or breakfast?

You know that feeling when that TV-series has almost become a small part of one’s life and then it’s suddenly OVER…? (!!!) Well I can announce that you feel… a bit empty, lonely and you won’t know what to do with your life for a second… Because that’s how I felt after I got lost in the world of Peaky Blinders for a couple of weeks. Sooo awesome series! Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

So I thought I could warm up drawing a pencil portrait of Mr. Shelby himself. And this is how it turned out.

I drew this one just for fun. So if there are any more Peaky blinders fans out there who might would like to have this one on the wall, just send me an e-mail!

Now I’m both rested after some Christmas holiday and all warmed up for a new year, with new illustrations and new art prints. Hope you will join me on my journey! :)


18 January, 2018

Get your Christmas gift in time.

Last day to order in my webshop and to be sure to get it in time before Christmas (For all of you who lives within the boarders of Scandinavia.) is on Sunday, December 17. If you live in another country outside Scandinavia and want to order Christmas gifts in my shop… I’m sorry but now it’s to late. <3

If you live in Gothenburg or just are in the neighborhood you are always more then welcome to swing by the studio to just say hello or by prints directly from me. Here I also have black, thin aluminum frames in several sizes as well as gift papers. Just contact me before (sms, call och e-mail) so I will be there when you arrive.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! <3

Big hug / Sanna


13 December, 2017

Christmas gift! Get 25% off on all my phone cases!

Hi there!

Here comes some Christmas gift inspiration! ;)

I just wanted to let you know that, In cooperation with Caseapp, we have now developed a discount code that gives you a 25% off on all phone cases with my design for Christmas.

Just click on the link below, chose what you’d like and then use the discount code SWARTSJUL25 when you get to the check out. Et voila! You’ve got 25% off! The discount code is valid until December 30, 2017.

Ho, ho, ho! :)


5 December, 2017

Finally time for design market!

Hello darlings!

Now Christmas is just around the corner and that also means that it’s time for Christmas markets! This year I will only participate at one market. But! It’s already this weekend! Then we’re going to Designmarknad in Jönköping, Sweden.

What? Designmarknadt WINTER 2017.
When? December 2nd, at 10-16.
Where? Ödlan district, Syrgasvägen 7, Skeppsbron in Jönköping
How? Entry 40 kr (for all over 12)

You can read more on Designmarknad’s website:

So now the preparations are in full swing here in the studio! Please come by and say hi on Saturday if you’re in the neighborhood! It would be so fun to meet you! <3

Big hug / Sanna

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looked like last Saturday! Thank you so much all of you who dropped by, for a wonderful day! We had so much fun! And thank you sweetest mom for all help and dear company <3

29 November, 2017

2018 Calendar – NEW!

Now when I’ve got 12 “human animals” in the family, I thought, what’s better than making a calendar? :) With some help from my drawing tablet, x-number of hours / days with Photoshop and from my dear father-in-law Anders at Trestad’s print shop, I can now proudly say that I have my very own calendar for 2018.

In this calendar, you’ll find all my “human animals” from the series “Animal Instinct”. When folded together, the calendar is almost in size with an A4 (21 × 27 cm) and when folded out, twice as big (21 x 54 cm).

The calendar is printed in a limited edition on 180 g of natural white art paper. Once the year has passed, you can also cut the pictures and frame them. The perfect Christmas gift for a person who likes art and at the same time might need some help to organize the daily life.

This is what it looks like :)

Dimensions folded together: 21×27 cm (Front)

Dimensions folded out: 21×54 cm.

Plenty of space to write and make plans. Please note that the Calendar is in english!

And the back (All human animals).

This is what it looks like in out kitchen :)

Once the year has passed, you can also cut the pictures and frame them.

This is what “August”/Hipster goat looks like in my home studio.

And now finally you’ll find this Calendar in my webshop! :) Hope you like it!

7 November, 2017

Lady in black – NEW PRINT!

For about a year ago I sat in my little studio and played with ink. I dropped black, heavy ink drops in a glass of water and watched it slowly dancing around. I became completely hypnotized! It was so beautiful and meditative to watch and I felt that I really had to do something with this! But I just didn’t know what.

But for a few months ago, it all came to me!

I’ll draw ink that’s dancing in water and mix it with other motives. I thought that it would be fun to draw a little ballet dancer in there some how and started to sketch immediately.

I’m not really used to drawing abstract. Which I had to do with this one. I had to make up my own shapes, lines and shadows to make them fit the little ballet dancer nicely. However, that was easier said than done. Let me say that I used the rubber a lot! Which messed up the paper. Which ended up with that I had to re-draw this illustration three times! (haha) #sweaty-emoji

But you learn from your mistakes and now she’s finally there on the paper! My new little ink dancer… The lady in black.

And here are as usual some pictures of the actual drawing process.

The first sketch.

Slowly getting there.

I gave a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram <3


This is actually the beginning of a whole new series, which I call “Dancing ink” (New motives will be added successively). Lady in black is drawn entirely by hand with graphite pencils and has then been scanned and printed on 300 g, nature white art paper of the finest quality. Unlike from my other illustrations and art prints, This illustration is printed in a limited edition of only 250 signed and numbered art prints.

And now she’s finally in the webshop together with the rest of the crew! I hope you like her! :)

23 October, 2017

Thank you Farmers market for a wonderful weekend!

Now I’m back home again. After a truly magical weekend at Farmers market at Strömma farmlodge. I would love to take a few weekends a year at this amazing place just to unwind and enjoy idyllic country life. Such a wonderful place! If you haven’t been there yet, I really recommend a visit.

The Farmers market was running both Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 4pm. The forecast showed glorious sunny weather all weekend and the autumn was as beautiful as it only can be at Strömma. Live music was played, the farm was all colorful by all the flowers and crops, the sun was shining and the barbecue smelled delicious… Everything was on top! Up to 15 minutes later, when the whole sky suddenly opened and the weather went bananas! (Thanks for that weatherman ;) ) I’ve never seen that much rain. And it didn’t stop either … For 3 hours in a row the rain poured down like crazy. Everything was soaked! And the farm turned into a lake. What are you supposed to do? I felt so sorry for all visitors who got stuck in the barn to take shelter for hours, all those who stood selling out in the yard that were now completely soaked, everyone who’s been working so hard to make this market so pretty! I was lucky enough to stand inside the barn. But despite this crazy weather, everyone was in a very good mood and helped each other as much as they could.

The women who organizes Farmers market are so incredibly resourceful and efficient, so it didn’t take long before there was a tanker in the yard that sucked up all the water. All the cars that were parked on the fields were now bathing in clay and was totally stuck. So then they called some tractors that helped everyone to drag their cars off the fields. Such heroes! You could no longer park anywhere so then they quickly got some buses to drive all the visitors back and forth to Strömma. I mean … Can it be more of a Farmers market than this? I am very happy to have been towed by a tractor over a field for the first time in my life. A little muddy, but a lot of fun! :)

Just as the market was about to close for the day, the sun finally visited us. And ss an ending and balm for a wet soul, one of my favorite artists, Tingsek also entered the stage. And what a performance he did! I cried… For the first time to a gig. (and I’ve been at plenty!) It was magical…

Luckily the weather was much more pleasant during the Sunday. It was sunny! and a really lovely farmers market day! Just as it should be!

And here are some pictures from Farmers market in Strömma <3

A little rain never hurt anybody.

It was cozy and warm inside the barn.

Lovely neighbors <3

Kollijox and Lisa Burenius.


There was once upon a time a road.

Hello sun!

The kids are making potato animals.


Anyhow design

Juice and Yoga!

Lovely musik!

The cars were swimming.

The awesome women behind Farmers market: Anna Linton, Marina Evertsson, Lovisa Jacobsson and Jennie Blomkvist <3

This time I went alone so unfortunately I couldn’t run around that much to take pictures. But I got some! :)

Thank you so much Farmers market, Strömma farmlodge, amazing organizers and all dear visitors who made this weekend fantastic even though we had some bad luck with the weather. I really hope I’ll see you again soon! <3

(Photo by: Sanna Wieslander, Annika Wieslander and farmers market crew)

19 September, 2017

My illustrations on phone cases.

I’ve started a new, fun collaboration with Caseapp! So if you like my quirky animals you can now also get them as phone cases. Available for all different kinds of mobile phone models! :)

As you might have seen on Instagram, I’ve tried to print my illustrations on phone cases before. But I haven’t been really satisfied with the quality. The paint fell of quickly and they felt very plastic. So I didn’t want to sell them but made some for myself just for fun. But then I recently came in contact with Caseapp and they made some “test shells” for me and I was sooo happy with the result! They turned out so good!

To celebrate this new collaboration, Caseapp were so kind and made a special discount code to all my friends. Just enter SWART20 at the check out at and you’ll get 20 % off on all my products. The discount code is valid until October 10, 2017.

And this is what my new phone cases looks like. :)


14 September, 2017

See you at Farmers market?

There’s really something special about this market. And now it’s only one week left and then it’s finally time again! Blue grass music, amazing food and wonderful atmosphere (and maybe some art prints here och there). For those of you who haven’t been there before and want to know more, you can read more about this happy event at Farmers markets website or here on the blog from last year’s market. Or … GO THERE! Then you will never want to leave.

I’m so excited!! Hope to see you there! <3

Where: Strömma Farmlodge, Tvååker (Outside Varberg in Sweden).
When: Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 4 pm.

Quanto questa: 100 KR for the whole weekend..


7 September, 2017

Thank you Formex! <3

Now I’m back home again after one week at Formex design fair in beautiful Stockholm. It was my first time at this fair so I didn’t really know what to expect. But omg what a nice time we had! It was like stepping into a big, warm and friendly hug! All meetings with old and new designer friends, all wonderful visitors, organizers and all inspiring people who I’ve been following through social media. I’ve had such a wonderful time together with you! Thank you!

… And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve now also got several new, lovely retailers around the world. So… After this week, There’s a little tired, but a very happy Sanna sitting here writing right now. <3

I was alone during the whole fair so unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to “run around” and shoot this time. But here are some pictures of what it looked like at my stand at the Young designer department.


Hey, ho! Let’s go!

Cool artwork in the entrance.

Let the fun begin!

And this is what my stand looked like in the end.

Part of the “Young designer” section before opening.

Siri Netzell who’s one of the awesome ladies behind the company Mainstreet Stockholm – Creative agency dropped by and surprised me by showing me her new sleeve. Made with just my illustrations.. I mean.. How cool is that?! THANK YOU SIRI! You’re just the best! <3

And this is the face of one happy Sanna… It felt like I had that smile all the time during the fair. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re surrounded by such wonderful people all day long. Thank you so much Formex! I really hope we meet again soon! <3

28 August, 2017

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