Get your christmas gift in time.

Hello darlings!
I just wanted you to know that the last day to order in my webshop and to be sure to get it in time before Christmas (For all of you who lives within the boarders of Scandinavia.) is on Sunday, December 16. If you live in another country outside Scandinavia and want to order Christmas gifts in my shop… I’m sorry but I can’t guarantee anything. But the sooner, the better! <3

Right now I’m both working extra at my old job and working on a big mural in Kallebäck. So I won’t be in the studio every day. But you are of course always more then welcome to swing by the studio to just say hello or by prints directly from me. Here I also have black, thin aluminum frames in several sizes as well as gift papers. Just contact me before (sms, call och e-mail) to be sure that I’m there or to book a date.

This Saturday I will also be at my last design market in a very looong time! Then, you will find me at “Jul på Lindholmen“. Open 12-20. So, please drop by and say hi! Such a lovely place filled with Christmas spirit, tasty food and lots of cool design.

Then, I will take a very long brake actually. Almost a year. Because soon it’s time for me to be a mama! <3 (only 2 & 1/2 months left!) We can’t wait to meet this little person! But more about that in an other post… ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! <3

Big hug / Sanna

8 December, 2018

2019 Calendar – NEW!

Last year I made my very first calendar! I was so incredibly happy about the lovely response so I felt that I had to make a new one for 2019. So here it is! And this year I added new new print Fox’n’roll as well :)

In this calendar, you’ll find 12 of my “human animals” from the series “Animal Instinct”. When folded together, the calendar is almost in size with an A4 (21 × 27 cm) and when folded out, twice as big (21 x 54 cm).

The calendar is printed in a limited edition on 180 g of natural white art paper. Once the year has passed, you can also cut the pictures and frame them. The perfect Christmas gift for a person who likes art and at the same time might need some help to organize the daily life.

This is what it looks like :)

Dimensions folded together: 21×27 cm (Front)

Dimensions folded out: 21×54 cm.

Plenty of space to write and make plans. Please note that the Calendar is in english!

And the back (12 of my human animals).

This is what it looks like in out kitchen :)

Once the year has passed, you can also cut the pictures and frame them.

This is what “August”/Hipster goat looks like in my home studio.

And now finally you’ll find this Calendar in my webshop! :) Hope you like it!

8 November, 2018

Fox’n’roll – NEW PRINT!

I felt that it was about time for me to draw a new family member. I’ve been thinking about making a skater for a very long time now. But it wasn’t until I met Brillmans brädor at Farmers market for a few weeks ago that I felt that now… Now it’s really about time! (They make new, cool stuff from old, broken skate boards. Check them out! :)

And how come a fox? Well.. They are very cute I must say. But maybe it had something to do with our road trip in Slovakia and Poland this summer. When we were hiking in the mountains in Slovakia one day, we met a very curious and friendly little fox. And from that day… I’ve might have had a crazy crush for foxes ;)

And here are as usual, some pictures from the drawing process.

How cute?

A little statement doesn’t hurt.

And here she is! (Or is it a he?) Framed and ready! Let me introduce our latest family member… (drum roll) Fox’n’roll!

Now you’ll find Fox’n’roll as signed art prints and posters in several different sizes together with the rest of the crew in my webshop.

Hope you like her/him! :)


29 October, 2018

Dear Farmers market

(Photo by Izard Hoyer.)

Now I’m home again after an, once again, magical weekend at Farmers Market at Strömma Farm lodge in Tvååker, Sweden. I mean… This market and it’s location… It’s so idyllic! Thank you so much everyone involved for a great weekend! I’m so happy to be part of this market. I cross my fingers to see you here again next year! <3

I didn’t bring any companion during the market this time. So, unfortunately, I didn’t have time to run around and take pictures. But! Farmers Market has put together lots of beautiful pictures and stories from the weekend on their own Instagram. So head over there and have a peek! @farmersmakretse


The next upcoming market where you’ll find me is on Töringe Design Market on October 13th. You’ll find us at the address Töringe 414 Borgasgård in Falkenberg, between 11am-17pm.

Hope to see you there! <3


25 September, 2018

Roadtrip, surprise and Farmers market.

Hi hello!

Now I’ve started to land at work again after Formex design fair. Orders are sent to old and new, lovely retailers and I’ve booked lots of exciting plans for the rest of the year. Hopefully, I will be making some murals this fall. (Wieee!) But more about that when everything is totally clear! :)

But before that, me and my other half will have almost two weeks of vacation. This time we will take the car and bring tent and backpacks roadtrippin’ around in Poland (maybe even Slovakia and Hungary if we have the time). It’s gonna be so nice!

This means that the webshop will be open as usual during this time! But all orders made from Saturday, September 8, will not be sent away until as earliest on Friday, September 21, when I’m back in the studio again.

As a small compensation for the long delivery time, you will receive a secret surprise/gift along with your order if you shop in my webshop during this period. <3

And! The weekend after we get home, September 22-23, it’s finally time for Farmers’s market at Strömma again (where you’ll also will find me with my prints and posters)! You can read more about this fantastic autumn market here:

Hope to see you there! <3


5 September, 2018

Thank you Stockholm!

Thank you for this time Formex!

I was so nice to meet both old and new dear faces! <3 Now I’m back home in Gothenburg again. Full och impressions! Today and tomorrow I’m gonna have some days off but on Monday I’m back working in my little studio again.

For those of you who didn’t visit Formex design fair, here are some pictures. ( just on my stand but you don’t need to see anything else, right? ;)

Hope to see you all again soon! <3

My little home the last couple of days.

And this is how it looked like before all frames were up on the wall.

And hey! Don’t forget that you’ll now get 15 % off on all art prints & posters if you enter the discount code “FORMEX2018” when you get to the check out in my webshop :) Valid until Sunday, August 26.

Puss & kram / Sanna

25 August, 2018

Do I see you at Formex?

Now I’m back in the studio after a lovely holiday break! I’m walking around here, packing and preparing everything for next week. Because soon it’s time for Formex design fair again! So this weekend I’m off to Stockholm. It’s gonna be so much fun t be apart of this again! :) (The picture above is from last year)

So please drop by and say hi if you’re going to Formex! You’ll find me at the Design talents section, stand B14:44. Hope to see you there!

August 21-24 th, 2018

Opening hours
Thuesday 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Wedneday 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Thursday 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Friday 09.30 am – 5 pm


14 August, 2018

Vacation in the shop = discount code!

Hello darlings!

Soon it’s time for me to have some vacation. Three weeks of it to be precise! We had such a great time in Austria last year so this summer we will go there again.

This means that during those three weeks, the webshop will be open as usual. But! Orders placed after Friday, July 20 will not be sent away until, as earliest on Monday, August 13, 2018, when I’m back home in Sweden again.

As a small compensation for the long delivery time during this period, I would like to give you a 20% discount code. Simply enter “Summer2018” as coupon when you get to the check out and you will get 20 % off on a full purchase! :)

(The discount code is valid until August 12, 2018)

Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Hugs from Sanna <3

20 July, 2018

Fabfeministas design market.

On Friday and today, Saturday I’ve been at Fabfeministas design market in Nordstan. In the middle of Gothenburg’s largest shopping mall! Such lovely market and so well arranged! (It’s the same crew who’s behind Lindholmens designmarkad here in Gothenburg.)

“Unfortunately,” it was the best summer weather ever outside (30 degrees and sun), which means that most people hung on the beach rather than in town. Which one might can understand. It’s not often you want to complain about this amazing summer weather we’ve had here in Sweden lately, but I almost wished for rain to get more people inside now when they have arrange this market so well. But we had a great time anyway! So this will not be the last time I’m here, I hope!

Here are some pictures from my two days at Fabfeministas design market.

The entrance.

My home for two days.

Talented “husritare“.

jewelry from Bella Angora.

Prints from “Patriarkatet och jag”.

Drawn by Jovanna

Me and my amazing boyfriend who helps me to pack, drive all my stuff and bring snacks when my stomach is hungry. I’m so incredibly grateful and happy that I have you by my side! Thank you so much for all your help as a usual darling! <3

But it’s not over yet! The market runs tomorrow as well (Sunday, July 15.). So be sure to drop by if you’re in the neighborhood! So many pretty things!

You can read more about this market here:

Hope to see you soon again!

Big hug / Sanna

14 July, 2018

Häng på hamngatan in Uddevalla

Last Saturday it was time for “Häng på Hamngatan” in my dear hometown Uddevalla. An event where the inner city is brought to life with music from all corners of the world, foodtrucks, design markets and much more. It feels a bit special to go there with my prints. It was the first time in my hometown actually! And what a day we had! So many dear meetings with new happy faces, old friends, colleagues and family in lovely Swedish summer weather! <3

Here are some pictures from our day.

This is me! Selling art prints on a bridge.

A pretty nice view.

Lovely neighbors!

Bought a crystal necklace from Roots design.

My family! <3

My nephew Atlas had picked bigarra in mom’s garden that he sold together with me to save up to something big on the wish list.

How cute?! <3

More lovely neighbors, Sloydlab!

Dennis is selling prints as well!

My dear and talented photographer friend Lisa Sihlberg lectures about our beautiful nature and how we should take care of it.

…and little me again.

Thank you all who dropped by and visited last Saturday! We had such a wonderful day! I really hope to see you all again soon. <3

Big hug! / Sanna.

2 July, 2018

Need a new phone case?

Hi friends!

Who wouldn’t wanna have a good looking case for their phone while strolling around down town or at the beach this summer? If you do, it’s your lucky day! Because now I got a new discount code for all my phone cases at Caseapp! ;)

Just click HERE, to get to their webshop, then choose model and write SWART as discount coupon when you get to the check out. Et voila! You’ll get 20 % off on all phone cases with my illustrations on.

(Valid until july 4, 2018)

Hope you all have a great summer! <3

Big hug / Sanna

7 June, 2018

Last chance! 50% discount on these illustrations.

Time to let go of these three illustrations and to leave some some space for new fun stuff!

To celebrate this happy goodbye you’ll now get 50 % discount on the illustrations Sharp eyed Owen, Owlifly and Mr Stag beetle (on all sizes!). These little piggies will not be printed again. Which means that when they are out of stock, they’re gone forever!

Grab one before it’s to late! :) You find them in my webshop.


4 June, 2018

Design market in Jönköping.

Now I’m back home again after a lovely weekend in Jönköping. Because this weekend I’ve been hanging out at a design market simply called, Design market.

I’ve been there a few times before and it’s always such a pleasure to participate at this market. This time we stayed at A6’s shopping mall and it looked a little bit like this.

And this is my stand.


I stayed at a dear friends house and Sofia showed me the beauty of Jönköping during the evening.

I’m now thinking of moving here ;)

Happy for a new day at this place!

Which also happened to be Mothers day here in Sweden! <3

This cool chic droped by and showed me her new tattoo. (Owlifly which I have drawn).

How cool is that? :D

Lovely neighbors! (Tinna design & Pastell by Stina)

I now own a pair of these!

The talented photograph Lisa ryd Carlsson.

and an other great neighbor, Hugo design.

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you all again soon! <3

28 May, 2018

Design markets and fairs this summer.

Hello in the lovely May weather!

I will participate in some design markets and fairs this summer. So I thought I write it down, were you can find me (except from in the studio). Because I would be sooo happy if you would like to drop by and say hi! :)

You are as always more than welcome to visit me in my studio in Gothenburg. Just give me a heads up before (on mail or phone) so I’m sure I’m there when you arrive.

I Hope to see you soon! <3


23 May, 2018

A trip to Gran Canaria with Lagerhaus.

You might have seen at my Instastory lately that I’ve been at Gran Canaria for a while and wondered what that’s all about? Well, I’ll gladely tell you! ;)

Before moving to my present studio in Vasa, I shared a studio with two other lovely girls at Redbergsplatsen in Gothenburg. One of them was Maria who then ran her own children’s clothing brand – Cloo collection (and from the very first day she also became a very dear friend). After a while Maria changed course and has now been working as a market coordinator for Lagerhaus for a few years. Which means among other things, that she works with all Lagerhaus’s social media channels and with photographing all their products.

Lagerhaus / Maria was going to Gran Canaria to photograph their new summer collection. A few days before departure they understood that they might would need an extra hand. Since I got a pretty flexible job Maria thought of me and asked me if I could help her for a week. Which I of course loved to! ;) So then it was just to pack the bags and head to the sun!

Here are some pictures from our week.

First day! Maria making instastories at the terrace.

A luggage full of Lagerhaus’s lovely summer products.

Before and after styling.

Yatzy mode!

It’s a sweaty job being an assistant.

…But someone’s gotta do it.

The benefits of “all inclusive“.

Flowering cacti as far as the eye can reach.

A “fishy” floor. <3

Taking pictures of matching “parasol plates”.

“it’s in the bag”

Me and my darling friend <3

Sunset picnic photoshoot.

The hotell by night.

Hunting colorful walls in Las Palmas.

You will probably recoginize that little hand in some of Lagerhaus’s product pictures this summer ;)

We had such a wonderful week! Thank you Maria and Lagerhaus for letting me join you on this trip! <3

And you know what? Now YOU can win a trip to Gran Canaria! Because Lagerhaus’s having a competition in cooperation with the travel company – Tui! Just follow Lagerhaus on Instagram! You’ll find pictures from our trip as well as all information about how you participate in this contest at their instastory. GOOD LUCK!





20 April, 2018

Lindholmen street design market

As some of you already might have seen on Instagram, I spent yesterday at Lindholmen street design market here in Gothenburg. It was my first time at this market and I really hope it won’t be my last! Such a cool place!

I had so much fun that I forgot to take any photos so I borrowed some pictures from their website. But I warmly recommend a visit! Such a cool building (like an old factory), lots of tasty food from all corners of the world and a great design market as well of course! ;)

Open every Saturday between 12 – 5 pm. You can read more about the market here:

My dear friend Felicia Enander with her lovely (and brand new) ceramic brand Mackapino.

Thank you everyone who dropped by yesterday! <3 As I said, I really don’t hope this was the last time at Lindholmen street design market (and if there will be more occasions, I will of course give you some heads up first!).

And do you know what else? Soon it’s time for me to pack my suitcase! Because on Wednesday I will go with Maria who works as market coordinator at Lagerhaus, to Gran Canaria and photograph their products in a beautiful holiday environment for a week. It will not be boring! ;)

Talk to you soon!


8 April, 2018

Get free tattoos during Easter!

Hello darlings!

Now I just got a few left of my “fake-tattoos” and I thought that I would like to give the last ones to you. Not only are they pretty on the skin! They are also actually perfect to decorate the Easter eggs with! ;)

So during Easter I will add some fake tattoos for free with all orders made from now until Monday, April 2. (I don’t have that many left so if they would run out I will of course add an other Easter gift in your order. <3 )

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



27 March, 2018

Under the surface – NEW PRINT!

And then it was finally time to make a friend to “Lady in black” in the limited edition series – Dancing ink.

I’ll never stop being fascinated by how the ink dances around when you drop it into water. It’s really hypnotic to watch! This is just one tiny drop of ink that I dropped into a glass of water… and it just keep dancing like there was no tomorrow. So beautiful.

…And trying to capture this beautiful scenery with just pencils on paper is really easier said than done. To draw abstract is (for a little self-critical, perfectionist like me)… very difficult! But after an x-number of “This-didn’t-turn-out-as-I-planned-sketches” she was finally there on the paper. I call this illustration for… Under the surface.

And this is how the “in the making process” looked like.

I took pictures of the dancing ink and used them as inspiration.

Gave a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram.

The home office.

Then I put a little ballet dancer in there aaand voila! It’s finished! :) After that I scanned the drawing and sent it to the printers.

Home delivery! Fresh from the oven!

All numbered and signed by hand.

There are only 250 limited edition art prints of “Under the surface”. Which means that this illustration will not be re-printed when it’s sold out.

This is what she looks like in a frame.

And this is what she looks like together with her best buddy “Lady in black”.

You can now find this limited art print together with the rest of the crew in my webshop.

Hope you like her! :)


7 March, 2018

DIY – Oil lamps out of old bottles.

Are you like me and sometimes buy various drinks only because of that the bottles are pretty?

And then suddenly you have lots of empty bottles at home that are a little too good looking to throw away? Now I’ve got the solution of what to do with them! Turn your old bottles into oil lamps. Perfect to brighten up dark winter days like these. It’s very simple and they turn out soo nice! So! I felt I had to share the tip here.

What you need is:

  • One or several bottles that you think are pretty.
  • Lamp oil
  • Oil lamp wick
  • Oil lamp nozzle (I’m not sure about that translation here. But you get the picture)

I bought it all at You can buy it directly in their web shop or in any of their stores.

The bottles we used at home. (And Yes! We like gin in our family ;)

Then just fill the bottle with lamp oil. The more lamp oil you have in the bottle, the better flame you’ll get. Pull the wick into the nozzle and put it in the bottle. Allow the wick to absorb the oil for about 15 minutes before turning it on. And voila! :)


Easy peasy! :)

27 February, 2018

Last chance – 30 % discount!

It feels like my head is about to explode of all ideas of new illustrations. This spring is gonna be a creative one. I can feel it in my toes! So, I thought that it’s about time to let go of some oldies and to leave some space for something new.

To celebrate this happy goodbye you’ll now get 30 % discount on the illustrations Sharp eyed Owen, Owlifly and Mr Stag beetle (on all sizes!). These little piggies will not be printed again. Which means that when they are out of stock, they’re gone forever!

Grab one before it’s to late! :) You find them in my webshop.


19 January, 2018

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