20% off on all my designs at Caseapp.


I just wanted you to know that you’ll now get 20 % off on all my designs at Caseapp. If you’d like a new phone case or maybe a new skin for you computer with a Hipster goat on? Or why not a Street boxer?

Just click HERE, and you will come to their website. Chose any of my products and enter the discount code SWART20 when you get to the checkout and you will get 20% on your purchase. (The code is valid until October 19, 2019)

I couldn’t resist this offer so I had to do some shopping myself. So this is how my phone and computer looks like right now. Pretty nice, huh? :)

10 October, 2019

20% off in the shop.

Hello lovelies!

After a really lovely summer, autumn has begun to show her beauty. My favorite time of year! When it’s still quite warm outside, the air is crisp and it slowly getting darker in the evenings so you can start to light candles and watch series or sit inside and draw. Ebba has finally started to take the bottle and goes to bed a little earlier in the evenings so now I’ve also been able to work a little more. Which I think is very fun! Although it’s super cozy to be at home and cuddle with our little baby too.

I have also started to take some design courses in how to make patterns. Last weekend I was at  Art college with Cecilia Pettersson and now on friday I’ll be on a work shop for Hanna Wendelbo. It’s so much fun! So who knows! Soon I’ll might be making my own patterns. We will see if I’ll get the hang of it.

I thought I would like to kick start this fall by giving you a discount code on my posters and art prints. Just enter “swart20” in the discount code field when you arrive at the checkout and you will get 20% off on a full purchase. Valid until Friday, September 27, 2019.

Hope you’re having a great start on this fall! Talk to you soon! <3



24 September, 2019


Hello in there in the summer heat!

The days really flies by here! Which it usually does during vacation but it goes even faster now when we’ve got our little mini in the family. Right now we fill our days with lots of trips around on the west coast, spending quality time with family and friends. It’s lovely!

But I’ve also been able to draw a little. Among other things, a portrait of our little Ebba. I thought I’d make at least one portrait of her each year. Then she’ll get them all when she grows up. Maybe on her 18th birthday.

And this is how it turned out! (the drawing process step by step)

(Reference photo)

And there’s our little sunshine! <3 Next time, I will probably not choose a reference picture where she’s wearing a pajamas with 589 stripes ;)

Right now I’m on maternity leave, but if anyone’s interested in a portrait, I will start taking commissions again this fall. Just send me an email!

Hope you have a lovely summer!


28 July, 2019

“Nordens ark goes Sanna Wieslander” – 30th anniversary!

As you might have seen in previous posts, I’ve been drawing animals for Nordens Ark lately. These illustrations have then been printed on the brand new products for their shop. Previously, this has been a bit secret but now it’s finally time for release! On their 30th anniversary on June 15th, to be precise! I’m so excited!

So please come and celebrate with us! I will be there all day! Telling the story behind these illustrations and signing prints. You’ll find more information about their birthday plans here: www.nordensark.se

Among other things, 11 framed limited edition prints will be auctioned. The illustration pictures a snake-necked turtle which I have drawn. (See below).

The snake-necked turtle was last seen on the small island of Roti in Indonesia but is now feared to be extinct in the wild (Hence the map on the shell). At Nordens Ark they hold one of Europe’s largest breeding colonies (11 turtles so far) in order to be able to return the species to the island of Roti in the future. And the income from the auction on Saturday will go directly to help this vulnerable turtle species to find their way back into the wild.

Here are some pictures from the drawing process of some of the other illustrations I’ve been making for Nordens Ark. You’ll find these on new lovely products in their shop on Saturday. On posters, for example!

This is just a sneak peek. I’ll post more pictures here after the birthday party. Hope to see you there! :)



(Blog post continues)

Hello again!

Now we’re back home from a really great birthday party at Nordens Ark. Someone whispered that it even was a visiting record at the park. I’m so happy for them! Such a great day!

And when you have a little to much fun you easily forget to take pictures. But I’ve been mailing the lovely staff at Nordens Ark so now I’m a few photos richer. And here they are:

Signing all limited edition prints of the Snake-necked Turtle. During the day, 2 out of 11 art prints were auctioned. One open and one silent auction. (The rest is saved for other special occasions)

Signed, numbered and framed!

A small presentation before it’s time for the big auction of art print no 2/11. (Unfortunately I got no picture of the lovely crowd.)

This is Jimmy (Turtle expert at Nordens Ark), me and the fantastic Sixten (in the middle) who gave 10 000 SEK for this limited edition art print. Incredible! Thank you so much Sixten! (The money goes directly to helping the threatened snake necked turtle finding their way back home into the wild.)

No party without cake!

In the shop! New products with my illustrations on. <3

Posters, posters, posters.

My parents bought some new cups. <3

Thank you so much Nordens Ark for an amazingly fun assignment and a really great 30 year anniversary! Hope to see you all again soon!

Kisses and hugs <3


9 June, 2019

DIY – Baby gym


I just wanted to check in and say that I’m still here! But instead of working full time I’m hanging out with Ebba most of the time. I just love being with her! Our beloved baby girl. Can’t stop smelling that little head. <3

We spend a lot of quality time with family and friends nowadays. And we are almost more outdoors than indoors, embracing my favorite time of the year, the Swedish spring. And about one day a week I’m in the studio working. Together with Ebba of course.

On maternity leave or not. If I get a chance to be creative I’ll take it! And we needed a baby gym for Ebba so I thought why not try to make one ourselves? Which actually got surprisingly popular in the end! So I thought I’d share how I made it here. If there are any more creative moms and dads out there who’d like to make their own “gym”.

This is how it turned out:

If you think it looks nice and would like to make one of your own as well, this is what you need:

  • A saw
  • 4 wooden lists á 60 cm
  • 1 wooden round stick. 21 mm in diameter and 70 cm long.
  • 2 wooden dowels
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Leather string
  • Paint (if you’d like to paint it)
  • Things to hang in the baby’s gym. (I sewed some felt animals).

How to make it:

Start by sawing the wooden lists in the desired length, mine are 60 cm long. Measure and then mark where you’d like the round stick to be, I put it about 8 cm down. Use a drill that is as wide as the round stick. In my case 21 mm.

Then measure where you want the leather straps. Both on the wooden lists and on the round stick. I have a 10 cm gap on the holes on the round stick and put the holes on the wooden lists about 40 cm down. Drill! I used a drill of 5 mm.

Also drill a slightly larger hole in each end of the round stick for the dowels. This will work as a stop so that the wooden lists won’t slip off the stick. I used 8 mm wooden dowels and drill.

When all holes are drilled, grind with sandpaper. I also chose to cut the wooden lists diagonally at the bottom so that the baby gym would stand steadier on the ground.

Have the wood naturally as it is or paint it in any color. I blended out some old white wall paint that we had at home with water and painted on. So that the wood got a “white glazed look”.

Then put all the parts together!

Now it’s time to decide what you would like to hang in the “gym”.

I chose to sew small animals in felt. Have them as they are or put small bells inside them so it sounds a bit when the little one is working out. You can also use wooden blocks in different colors, toys you have at home etc.

Some clouds in the making.

My mom dropped by and sewed some animals. <3

Then it can also be good for the little one to have something soft to lie on. A plaid or double weight blanket works fine! I took an old pillow case from IKEA and filled with wadding.

Tadaa! It’s finished! Ebba seems to like it so far! Especially the little deer to the right.

And if you’re lucky it can keep your boyfriend busy for a while as well ;)

26 May, 2019

DIY – Bag in box Easter Egg

It’s finally Easter! A weekend where the Swedes apparently eat about 2000 tons of eggs (that’s about 32 million eggs) and 1.4 kg of candy per person. How crazy is that?

I’m of course included in the statistics! In our family, we’ve had the tradition of looking for hidden Easter eggs filled with sweets in mom and dad’s garden every Easter Eve. Year after year. 3 years or 33, it doesn’t matter! You’re never too old for a good Easter egg hunt! <3

If you would like to skip the candy and make a slightly more adult kind of Easter egg you can always fill it with wine instead. Yes, you heard me! A bag in box egg! Something I tried out for the first time last year and just had to make once again! It was a success! (see picture below).

And! They are pretty easy to make! :)

This is what you need:

  • An Easter egg
  • A knife or a scissor.
  • A glue gun or regular glue.
  • A half full (or half empty) bag in box with a wine that you like.

Remove the bag from the bag in box and discard the carton. Cut two half moon on both edges of the egg halves (So there will be a round hole when they are put together). Place the spout of the bag in the box out through the hole of the egg and place the wine bag inside the egg. (It may happen that you have to empty the bag a little to get more space depending on the size of the bib and the egg #tobadforyou #cheers). Put a little glue along the edges of both egg halves and press them together (with the wine bag inside). Let it dry aaand voila! You’ve made a bag in box egg!

Pretty fun, huh? Regardless if you’re making bib eggs or not this weekend I hope that you all will have a wonderful Easter! <3

Talk to you soon again!

xoxo / Sanna


18 April, 2019

When two becomes three.

As you might have seen in my earlier posts we’ve been expecting a baby girl! On March 6th to be precise! But I was convinced that she would come even earlier than that! I guess just because I’ve been feeling so well during almost the whole pregnancy. I havn’t had any major problems or pain and I’ve been able to exercise and take long walks almost every day.

This is how I looked like on march 6th. 100 % baked!

But oh my! Was I wrong! The days went on and turned into weeks over time and all of a sudden we stood there and had booked an appointment to get the labour started at the hospital here in Gothenburg. Those days waiting were the longest days in my life. The time went sooo slow! But then suddenly, two days before the due date at the hospital (after a long walk), the water finally broke! I was so happy! I really wanted the body to start everything by itself.

We drove to the hospital to double check that everything was okay (which it was!) and almost directly after that as we got back home I started to get really heavy contractions. 2-3 contractions every 10 minutes that I had to take standing up every time otherwise it hurt to much. But that wasn’t enough to get the labour started. Which ended up with us staying at home working with the contractions for two whole days. We didn’t get much sleep there. So! We had to go to the hospital and get some help anyway in the end. (on week 42 + 1 day).

After 48 hours of constant pain and no sleep we both were really tired. But at the same time we were so happy to know that this time we won’t get back home from the hospital without our little baby girl.

We were welcomed by the sweetest staff and they informed us about how the process will work for me. Although it felt like we started this journey a bit uphill, they got both me and David to feel that we were in such safe hands. We read our birth letter together and then it was time for me to get a hormone drip to start the labour for real.

To make a long story not too long, the process looked a bit like this. Hormone drip, heavy contractions, tens, nitrous oxide, constant contractions without break, back anesthesia that didn’t work, half panic, I explain to David that there will be no more children, pause hormone drip, David cheers a drained Sanna, after 8 h new test with back anesthesia, it works! (hallelujah!), less pain, food break with spaghetti and meat sauce, increase drip, the contractions became stronger again, exhale nitrous oxide like that there was no tomorrow, testing different labor positions, after 15 hours with hormone drip finally the second stage of labour started, I find out that I can scream louder than I’ve ever done before, the sun is on its way up and gently lights into the room, the blackbird sings outside, the clock was 05.57 in the morning and there finally… our beloved little Ebba laid on my chest and took her first breath.

It was a long and very intense childbirth. 65 hours in total to be precise. But OMG what an amazing experience! During childbirth I said (read screaming) that I never want to be involved with this again. “There will be no more children, David!” But as soon as she got up on my chest all the frustration and pain was like blown away. All midwives and nurses have been absolutely fantastic! (we met 3 different teams during this time)  Not to mention my dear partner who was an incredible support from the start. Thanks honey! I hadn’t managed this without you! <3

And now she’s here! Our beloved little Ebba! A perfect, healthy, baby girl. 3,4 kg and 50 cm tall. Today she’s one week old and we dove straight into the baby bubble from the first second we saw her (And I guess we won’t come out from it until she’s a teenager).

29 March, 2019

SWART + Nordens ark = True

Oooh! I don’t think I can keep my mouth shut anymore. Even if I’m not finished with all the illustrations yet. But it’s such a fun collab so I just have to give you some “heads up” of what’s cooking!

Because right now I’m illustrating lots of beautiful animals for Nordens ark! This summer, they will celebrate their 30th anniversary. During this birthday party they will, among other things, release a lot of new products in their shop. And that’s where I come in! Because all motifs to be printed on these products will be drawn by me. How fun is that ?!

Like this snow leopard, for example.

This is one of several animals that I’ve been given the honor to illustrate for them. Which feels fantastic! I can’t reveal much more, right now. But more info will come further on! :)

If you haven’t been at Nordens ark, I really think you should pay them a visit! A lovely destination for the whole family on the west coast of Sweden ! Nordens ark aren’t just beautiful animals. They also work hard to save threatened species and to be able to give them a brighter future. Read more at www.nordensark.se

… And here are some pictures from the drawing process of the snow leopard (where I draw on my Ipadpro instead of on regular paper as I usually do).


27 February, 2019

Maternity photoshoot

We are so close! 16 days left to be precise according to my pregnant app. So, our little baby girl might arrive any day now. This is our first child. There’s so much love and expectations in the air. We just can’t handle the excitement to finally meet you little piglet! Whoever you are hiding in there.

We’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the baby bump during the pregnancy. Although, almost all of them are very amateurish and through a mobile camera lens. It looks pretty funny proportionally when you are 158 cm (tall!) and with an upper body where God forgot 10 cm. The feeling right now is a bit like when Julia Roberts put on a far to big backpack in the movie Run away bride and fell right backwards. Though my backpack makes me fall forward. But still, I’ve never felt so beautiful as I do now in my “little” love bump! <3

Two weeks ago, Lisa Ryd Carlsson visited us at home one afternoon. Not only is she a very dear friend, she is also a very talented photographer. And this afternoon she had brought her camera to catch the moment through her magical eyes.

Here are some pictures from the result.

And some standing photos.

Thank you so much dear Lisa for all these lovely photos! I’m so happy for this wonderful memory of the love bump. <3

And hey! A little bird whispered in my ear that Lisa Ryd Carlsson now offer a very friendly special price when booking pregnancy photoshoot before February 28, during the period march 1 – April 30, 2019. 

If you are interested you’ll find her here:

Instagram: @lisarydcarlsson
Facebook: @longstoryshortbylisa
Hemsida: www.lisarydcarlsson.se

. . .

Well, dear friends… The next blog post will probably be about when our new, little family member arrives. We can’t wait! Talk to you soon. <3

Lots of love!

/ Sanna & the little piglet


18 February, 2019

Maternity leave, new delivery times & a discount code filled with love.

Hello lovelies!

Soon it’s time for me to go on some maternity leave. Because in three weeks (isch) we will finally meet our beloved little baby girl! <3

This also means that I will not work as much as usual in the next 6-12 months. Which in turn will affect the delivery time in my webshop. This week everything will be rolling as usual with 3-7 days of delivery time! But from Saturday, February 16, 2019, the delivery time will be extended to 7-14 days.

So! The webshop will be open just as usual in the future! But I will be on maternity leave part-time this year, which means new and longer delivery time.

It’s also Valentine’s Day on Thursday! So I thought we should celebrate all this love with a discount code to all you darlings out there. As a happy good bye before I dive into the baby bubble for a while.

So! From today, you’ll get 20% discount on your purchase if you enter the discount code VALENTINE in the “apply coupon box” when you get to the checkout in my webshop. The code is valid until Friday, February 15 and can be used as many times as you’d like until then.


Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s week!

Kisses & hugs / Sanna


11 February, 2019

Mural at Kallebäcks torn.

In November last year I got a very happy surprise in my inbox. It was an e-mail from Stena fastigheter (Stena real estate in english) and they asked me if I would like to decorate all the floors in one of their new buildings here in Gothenburg. A 14 floor high building to be exact! I didn’t need much time for consideration. Of course I would love to do that!

The only thing was that we didn’t have that much time for planning. They wanted a larger motif / pattern in the entrance and then they wanted to pick smaller pieces from it and paint on each floor. This was in the end of November. During this period I was working extra 3-4 days a week at my old job and everything needed to be done in the end of December. So I had to come up with something quick! I started to look through my old sketches and found this one that I made during my time at Gothenburg school of art back in the days. (I call it twister)

This was a bit too advanced for the tight schedule so I slightly simplified it all and made it black and white. The painting would also extend over two walls, one of which was dark gray so I had to experiment a little and invert the pattern on one side. I also added “two towers” that repeated in the pattern to symbolize the Kallebäck’s towers (There are two exactly the same buildings that are named Kallebäcks towers and I was going to paint in one of them). So never throw your old drawings away! You never know when they can come in handy or what they can inspire you to do in the future! :)

This is what my remake of my old sketch looked like in the end.

So, in December it was time to start working at this place! So exciting!

I didn’t want to mess up the wall to much so I made the pre-sketch with mask tape and white crayons.

Note to self: Buy a lot of tape!

Drawing bubbly pattern!

… and some “towers”. Our little baby girl had to keep up with me. Whether she wanted to or not <3 (but I think she thought it was just as fun as mom).

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!

Tadaa! The entrance is finished!

And this is what it looks like from the outside.

Only 13 floors left to go.

There I made it a little easier and picked only minor details from the larger motif in the entrance.

I used posca markers, masking tape and wall paint in black, white and gray.

Different patterns on different floors but all from the same bigger motif in the entrance.

It took a few days but finally I’ve painted all the way up to floor 14!

Isn’t it wonderful with people who dare to invest in a little more “artsy look” in the public space? Thank you Stena fastigheter for this fun assignment! I cross my fingers that I’ll get to do more collaborations like this in the future. <3

You’ll find more pictures and videos from the process of this decoration painting on my Instagram under stories – Mural / pattern.


9 January, 2019

25% discount on my products at Caseapp.

Hello lovelies!

Hope you’ve had and still have a wonderful Christmas holiday! I’ve been home visiting in my dear hometown Uddevalla for a few days. Celebrating Christmas together with both mine and Davids family. It has been so nice just to have few days off, doing absolutely nothing at all with the ones you love.

As I’m sure you all have noticed, there are a lot of sales going on these days. My prints & posters won’t join that club. But! In a collaboration with Caseapp you will now get 25% discount on all my products on their website. So if you need a new phone case or skin for your computer, now is a good time to get it for a great price!

Just click HERE, and you will come to their website. Chose any of my products and enter the discount code XMASSWART when you get to the checkout and you will get 25% on your purchase. (The code is valid until December 31, 2018)

I couldn’t resist this offer so I had to do some shopping myself. So this is how my phone and computer looks like right now. Pretty nice, huh? :)

Hope you have some great last days of 2018. Se ya in 2019! <3

Big hug / Sanna

26 December, 2018

Get your christmas gift in time.

Hello darlings!
I just wanted you to know that the last day to order in my webshop and to be sure to get it in time before Christmas (For all of you who lives within the boarders of Scandinavia.) is on Sunday, December 16. If you live in another country outside Scandinavia and want to order Christmas gifts in my shop… I’m sorry but I can’t guarantee anything. But the sooner, the better! <3

Right now I’m both working extra at my old job and working on a big mural in Kallebäck. So I won’t be in the studio every day. But you are of course always more then welcome to swing by the studio to just say hello or by prints directly from me. Here I also have black, thin aluminum frames in several sizes as well as gift papers. Just contact me before (sms, call och e-mail) to be sure that I’m there or to book a date.

This Saturday I will also be at my last design market in a very looong time! Then, you will find me at “Jul på Lindholmen“. Open 12-20. So, please drop by and say hi! Such a lovely place filled with Christmas spirit, tasty food and lots of cool design.

Then, I will take a very long brake actually. Almost a year. Because soon it’s time for me to be a mama! <3 (only 2 & 1/2 months left!) We can’t wait to meet this little person! But more about that in an other post… ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! <3

Big hug / Sanna

8 December, 2018

2019 Calendar – NEW!

Last year I made my very first calendar! I was so incredibly happy about the lovely response so I felt that I had to make a new one for 2019. So here it is! And this year I added new new print Fox’n’roll as well :)

In this calendar, you’ll find 12 of my “human animals” from the series “Animal Instinct”. When folded together, the calendar is almost in size with an A4 (21 × 27 cm) and when folded out, twice as big (21 x 54 cm).

The calendar is printed in a limited edition on 180 g of natural white art paper. Once the year has passed, you can also cut the pictures and frame them. The perfect Christmas gift for a person who likes art and at the same time might need some help to organize the daily life.

This is what it looks like :)

Dimensions folded together: 21×27 cm (Front)

Dimensions folded out: 21×54 cm.

Plenty of space to write and make plans. Please note that the Calendar is in english!

And the back (12 of my human animals).

This is what it looks like in out kitchen :)

Once the year has passed, you can also cut the pictures and frame them.

This is what “August”/Hipster goat looks like in my home studio.

And now finally you’ll find this Calendar in my webshop! :) Hope you like it!

8 November, 2018

Fox’n’roll – NEW PRINT!

I felt that it was about time for me to draw a new family member. I’ve been thinking about making a skater for a very long time now. But it wasn’t until I met Brillmans brädor at Farmers market for a few weeks ago that I felt that now… Now it’s really about time! (They make new, cool stuff from old, broken skate boards. Check them out! :)

And how come a fox? Well.. They are very cute I must say. But maybe it had something to do with our road trip in Slovakia and Poland this summer. When we were hiking in the mountains in Slovakia one day, we met a very curious and friendly little fox. And from that day… I’ve might have had a crazy crush for foxes ;)

And here are as usual, some pictures from the drawing process.

How cute?

A little statement doesn’t hurt.

And here she is! (Or is it a he?) Framed and ready! Let me introduce our latest family member… (drum roll) Fox’n’roll!

Now you’ll find Fox’n’roll as signed art prints and posters in several different sizes together with the rest of the crew in my webshop.

Hope you like her/him! :)


29 October, 2018

Dear Farmers market

(Photo by Izard Hoyer.)

Now I’m home again after an, once again, magical weekend at Farmers Market at Strömma Farm lodge in Tvååker, Sweden. I mean… This market and it’s location… It’s so idyllic! Thank you so much everyone involved for a great weekend! I’m so happy to be part of this market. I cross my fingers to see you here again next year! <3

I didn’t bring any companion during the market this time. So, unfortunately, I didn’t have time to run around and take pictures. But! Farmers Market has put together lots of beautiful pictures and stories from the weekend on their own Instagram. So head over there and have a peek! @farmersmakretse


The next upcoming market where you’ll find me is on Töringe Design Market on October 13th. You’ll find us at the address Töringe 414 Borgasgård in Falkenberg, between 11am-17pm.

Hope to see you there! <3


25 September, 2018

Roadtrip, surprise and Farmers market.

Hi hello!

Now I’ve started to land at work again after Formex design fair. Orders are sent to old and new, lovely retailers and I’ve booked lots of exciting plans for the rest of the year. Hopefully, I will be making some murals this fall. (Wieee!) But more about that when everything is totally clear! :)

But before that, me and my other half will have almost two weeks of vacation. This time we will take the car and bring tent and backpacks roadtrippin’ around in Poland (maybe even Slovakia and Hungary if we have the time). It’s gonna be so nice!

This means that the webshop will be open as usual during this time! But all orders made from Saturday, September 8, will not be sent away until as earliest on Friday, September 21, when I’m back in the studio again.

As a small compensation for the long delivery time, you will receive a secret surprise/gift along with your order if you shop in my webshop during this period. <3

And! The weekend after we get home, September 22-23, it’s finally time for Farmers’s market at Strömma again (where you’ll also will find me with my prints and posters)! You can read more about this fantastic autumn market here: www.farmersmarket.se.

Hope to see you there! <3


5 September, 2018

Thank you Stockholm!

Thank you for this time Formex!

I was so nice to meet both old and new dear faces! <3 Now I’m back home in Gothenburg again. Full och impressions! Today and tomorrow I’m gonna have some days off but on Monday I’m back working in my little studio again.

For those of you who didn’t visit Formex design fair, here are some pictures. ( just on my stand but you don’t need to see anything else, right? ;)

Hope to see you all again soon! <3

My little home the last couple of days.

And this is how it looked like before all frames were up on the wall.

And hey! Don’t forget that you’ll now get 15 % off on all art prints & posters if you enter the discount code “FORMEX2018” when you get to the check out in my webshop :) Valid until Sunday, August 26.

Puss & kram / Sanna

25 August, 2018

Do I see you at Formex?

Now I’m back in the studio after a lovely holiday break! I’m walking around here, packing and preparing everything for next week. Because soon it’s time for Formex design fair again! So this weekend I’m off to Stockholm. It’s gonna be so much fun t be apart of this again! :) (The picture above is from last year)

So please drop by and say hi if you’re going to Formex! You’ll find me at the Design talents section, stand B14:44. Hope to see you there!

August 21-24 th, 2018

Opening hours
Thuesday 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Wedneday 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Thursday 09.30 am – 6.30 pm
Friday 09.30 am – 5 pm



14 August, 2018

Vacation in the shop = discount code!

Hello darlings!

Soon it’s time for me to have some vacation. Three weeks of it to be precise! We had such a great time in Austria last year so this summer we will go there again.

This means that during those three weeks, the webshop will be open as usual. But! Orders placed after Friday, July 20 will not be sent away until, as earliest on Monday, August 13, 2018, when I’m back home in Sweden again.

As a small compensation for the long delivery time during this period, I would like to give you a 20% discount code. Simply enter “Summer2018” as coupon when you get to the check out and you will get 20 % off on a full purchase! :)

(The discount code is valid until August 12, 2018)

Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Hugs from Sanna <3

20 July, 2018

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