Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!

Thank you so much all of you who came to visit my open studio last Thursday! <3 What a wonderful evening we had! I’m totally overwhelmed that so many of you wanted to drop by!

I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures during the evening. But I took a few before it all started. And here they are! :)

Big thanks again! This was so much fun that we will definitely do this again soon! :) And you’re of course, always more than welcome to drop by anytime! I’m usually here Mon-Fri between 9am and 5pm.

Hope to see you soon! <3


10 June, 2017

Open studio with friendly offers!

Hello lovelies!

I thought it was about time to invite you all to my little studio. So! On Thursday next week I will have an open studio / “after work – fika” for those of you who would like to drop by and see how I work. There will be coffee, sweets and lots of extra friendly offers. I will also show you my new canvas collection and (!) let go of some of my original drawings. 

Everyone is warmly welcome! :)

  • Location: Karl gustavsgatan 17 C, Gothenburg (nearest stop is Vasa Viktoria)
  • Time: Thursday June 8, 4:00-8:00 pm

Hope to see you here! <3

31 May, 2017

NEW! – The canvas collection

Now my friends! Now there’s a brand new thing in the shop! Canvas posters!

I wanted to make a little more luxurious variant of the 50×70 cm format. Try some other material than paper. So me and my dear father-in-law Anders (who works at Tregraf‘s printing company in my beloved hometown, Uddevalla) experimented with a bunch of different materials and we both fell deeply in love with the canvas. The colors and all tiny details turned out so bright and clear. And the feeling is so luxurious!

Suddenly a new collection was born – “The canvas collection”.

The illustrations are printed on fine canvas (450 g) and are available in the size 50×70cm. Works just like a regular poster, but are slightly more luxurious and much more durable than paper. Perfect for hanging with poster hangers, clamps or framing as usual, with or without glass. Not only does the canvas give a very luxurious impression, it’s both light and moisture resistant, making it perfect for decorating the walls even in the outside room and bathroom.

So if you’d like to try something that (probably) not so many others have? Well, maybe this is something for you :)

I was about to invite you all to a little happening / after work in my studio soon, so you can come and see this live. But of course you are more than welcome to drop by anytime! My coffee maker is always ready for a dear visit! <3

28 May, 2017

The TRUCK – to paint on a food truck

Last week I spent a lot of time at the big theater together with my dear trainee Alicia Linnér. I had been commissioned by the lovely guys who runs the restaurants, The BARN and Teaterkällaren to freshen up an old food truck where they will be selling hot dogs and beer this summer (Right outside the big theater here in Gothenburg).

They wanted all old text to be removed, a new fresh layer of paint, add a menu and the The TRUCK logo on the front, plus some extra fun details. So then it was just to get started! :)

Here’s how it looked before.

There was a lot of double-sided tape everywhere on the car since before. It had been there for awhile, so it was really hard to get rid of it. It had like melted together with the plate. But with some help of some paint scraper, white spirit and some other strong stuff, we finally got rid of it. Then it became like soft chewing gum, so you got to scrape it off layer by layer.

Alicia is enjoying the chewing gum ;)

Scrape, grind and fix the surface and then paint it over with gray metal paint.

Time to paint the details! :)

Lunch break with my dear, pink lady!

Then it was time to fix the menu that will be attached on the food truck.

I also made some new signs to the restaurant Teaterkällaren’s street writer. To these I used white posca pens. I think it’s easier to write text with pens than with brushes. Then I finished with a thin layer of lacquer for extra protection since they’re gonna be outside.

Then it was time to get back to the food truck and to paint hot dogs and beers!

It’s not everyday that you get to paint a hot dog on a car ;)

Almost done! Now the menu just needs to be attached and the car filled with sausages. I’ll add some more pictures of the finish result when it’s in action! :)


22 May, 2017

Design market in Jönköping

Last Saturday I was at Designmarknad in Jönköping! It was my first time at this market. Actually, also the first time I was in Jönköping (I know, it’s too bad!). But such a lovely city!

David and I went to Jönköping already on Friday afternoon. Then we went to “Tändsticksområdet”, an area where the market was held and began to settle for tomorrows adventure. Such a charming place! All old buildings right by the sea. Then, when we were done, we went to check in at the hotel, grabbed some burgers and then we went the local cinema to watch a movie. Perfect upload for Saturday’s design market! :)

… And at 10 am on Saturday morning it all begun! So many lovely visitors and designers were there! Such wonderful atmosphere! The sun was shining and the birds singing. A beautiful day, simply!

It’s so nice to get out and meet all lovely people like this. Designers, organizers and might some of you who are reading this right now <3 Social media are amazing and I’m so happy to be in touch with you there. But you can’t really compare it with the happy meetings “irl” :) THANK YOU! <3

David was kind and helped me during the day so I could run around and shoot a little. So for those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to swing by in Jönköping past Saturday, here are some pictures! :)


Thank you so much all of you who made this to such a wonderful day! Hope we meet again soon! <3


2 May, 2017

A la London – Spring edition 2017

Now I’m sitting here, looking through all the photos from this weekend’s A la London design market. What a great weekend we’ve had! I’ve met so many wonderful visitors, inspiring designers and awesome organizers. <3

This year, the market started already on Friday with a little after work feeling. Between 5 and 8 pm they opened with dj, beverage, mingle, photo box and much more. It was such a wonderful atmosphere! Then the market continued from 10 am – 6 pm during Saturday and Sunday. It feels like this weekend just ran away! Suddenly it was Monday again and now I’m sitting here looking through all the photos with a big smile on my face. But that’s how it should feel like when you’ve been having a lot of fun! Thank you, all of you who made this weekend so happy and memorable! You are fantastic! <3

And for those who didn’t have the opportunity to swing by A la London design market in Gothenburg this weekend, here are some pictures.

Thanks again for a great weekend! Now we’re crossing our fingers for an A la London Christmas market this year too!

But we actually don’t need to wait for Christmas until next design market. Because next weekend, it’s time again! On Saturday April 29, You will find me and 59 other designers at Designmarknad in Jönköping! (Read more about this market here) I’ve never been there before, so I’m really looking forward to it! :) Hope to see you there!


Photos taken by: My lovely trainee Alicia Linnér, myself and the amazing A la London crew.

24 April, 2017

Spring and design market!

Tiny spring flowers are slowly starting to spread over the city, the birds are singing and I’ve actually got my first sunburn of the year. It begins to look like spring! …and with spring comes spring-markets!

Next weekend, on April 21 – 23 the awesome design market A la London will open their gates here in Gothenburg! And I‘m so glad to be a part of it. 80 designers and a lot of wonderful eye candy! So, if you’re in the neighborhood that weekend I really recommend you to drop by!

Not only that! The weekend after that, Saturday, April 29, I will also be at the Design Market in Jönköping here in Sweden. Which will be great! (And also my first time). So come and say hello now, all inhabitants of Jönköping! :)

Hope to see you there! <3


12 April, 2017

Easter decoration – How to make paper feathers.

Last year I read about several who had made super cute paper feathers during Easter. Which I of course just had to try too! They were so easy to make and turned out so pretty that I almost couldn’t stop cutting paper feathers there for a while.

So this year I wanted to spread the word on how to easily make these by just using paper, glue, some sticks and a scissor.

  • Pick some papers that you think would fit nicely. (For best result, use a thicker kind of paper)
  • Take two papers and glue them properly over the backs. Then place the sticks over one of them (on the glued part).

  • Add the second glued paper over the sticks. With the glued sides faced against each other and with the sticks in the middle (like a sandwich). pressure and smooth it tightly.

  • Draw a shape of a feather along the stick.

  • Cut out the shape.

  • You can also draw your own kind of pattern on if you’d like.

  • Or use old postcards.

  • Use the scissor to cut thin stripes towards the stick.

  • Et volia! You’ve made paper feathers! :)

Aren’t they pretty? And the best thing of all is that they are easy to make! I think it looks best if you make a few so it almost becomes like a small bouquet. Works perfect as Easter decorations (or as decoration all year round if you ask me ;)

19 March, 2017

Originals for sale!

The other week I posted an image of an original drawing on social media and wrote that it was for sale. It didn’t take long until it had found a new lovely home in Norway. Sooo fun! :) When I noticed that there were an interest, I thought that maybe it was time to let go of some more original drawings and paintings.

So! Now I have started a bit cautious to put out two more originals in the shop! Both are looking for new lovely homes.

Queen Fabulous – Made with ink and pro-markers, 2012. – Sold!


A shy peekaboo – Acrylic painting, 2012. – Sold!

So, if you are interested, both of these are now for sale! :) #worldwideshipping

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Or why not drop by my studio here in Gothenburg and say hello? My coffee maker is always ready! <3

10 March, 2017

Jack Lumboar – NEW PRINT!

Now he finally has arrived! Let me introduce our latest family member… Jack Lumboar!

I’ve been thinking about this idea for quite some time now. But it actually took a few months until I drew him. I knew that I wanted to make a lumberjack but was unsure of what kind of animal he would become. At first I thought of a moose or a bear. But it felt a little too obvious, like you’ve seen it before. So Nah! I skipped that idea. But in the end I thought that a wild boar might would be cool? It may not be the first animal you think of when you think of a lumberjack, but it suited him so well! With his rough fur, snout and tusks.

Then it was time to draw the outfit. I didn’t want to make it too obvious there either and put a red plaid shirt on him. I wanted to give him a little more neutral look. So he got a gray grandfather shirt, dark pants, suspenders and an wooden ax on his shoulder. In the end I also added a small wood anemone in the breast pocket to pick up the Swedish woods and soften him up a bit (and just because I love anemones!) Et volia! There he was! :)

I posted a picture of him on both Facebook and Instagram and asked for your help to name him. I got soo many good name suggestions! Thanks everyone! You are just the best! It eventually became a mix of several of your names. I named him Jack Lumboar (a mix och lumberjack and wild boar) There will soon a small giveaway on Instagram as a small thank you for your wonderful help <3

…and this is what it looked like during the drawing process.

Now you find him as signed art prints and posters in several different sizes together with the rest of his family, in my webshop. Hope you like him! :)



27 February, 2017

Updated website, new shop & Valentine’s day.

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on updating the website and to make the web shop much better. If you have visited me here before,  you might have noticed that the website now looks a bit different (better I hope! ;). And! Now the webshop is connected to Klarna! So it should feel easy and safe to go shopping. So, if you live in Sweden you can now choose whether you want to pay by credit card, invoice, etc using Klarna. Isn’t that great?! And I of course, still have the option to pay with PayPal for international costumers.

And soon (speaking of cucumber) it’s also Valentine’s Day! And that is, of course something I would like to celebrate this with you! <3 Therefore, I made a discount code that gives you 15% discount in my brand new web shop!

Just write VALENTINE in the “apply coupon – box” when you get to the checkout and you will get 15% off on the entire purchase. Even on the sale! The code is valid until Thursday, February 16, 2017 and can be used as many times as you want until then.

(Please note! As usual it’s free shipping for purchases over 500 SEK in Sweden. Otherwise a shipping fee of 49 SEK will be added. The shipping cost for delivery to the rest of the world is 99 SEK.)


Big hug from Sanna.

9 February, 2017

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”

I have seen this quote running around a lot lately. And every time I see it, I get a big smile on my face. Because this is sooo true! I do not think you can understand how happy we get for every single order (yes I actually think I can speak for every small business owner). And to illustrate this, I thought I should show you how it might look with a small film clip. (at least this is what it looks like in my studio)

Thank you for following me on my creative journey! For your support, always so kind words, likes and comments on social media. You are amazing! <3

8 February, 2017

Vacation in Mexico.

Hola amigos!

Now I’m back home again in a rainy and cold Gothenburg after three wonderful weeks in sunny Mexico together with my better half and his family. We’ve had such a great time! Lots of sun, heat, long and white beaches,  a little adventure and a little to much tequila ;)

We stayed at at really great apartment in Playa del Carmen. Two floors, we all had our own rooms + bathroom and on the top floor there was a large roof terrace with an outdoor kitchen. Playa del Carmen was a really great place. Lots of beaches, restaurants with supergod food, nightclubs, bars, and there was so much activities to do. The sea was incredible! Glowing turquoise and full of life! We went on boat trips to both Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, we dove with bull sharks and in cenotes in the jungle (underground caves), rented a car and drove around, visited Tulum and Cancun. Yes! I highly recommend everyone to go there!

Everywhere we went we saw a lot of cool street art by really talented artists.  So now I’m really eager to paint big and more colorful. W’ll see what the inspiration has to offer ;) Now I’ve really been charging my batteries and I’m super excited about 2017! It will be an awesome year! I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes! :)

Here are some pictures from our holiday.


Street art everywhere! Pure happiness on a wall <3


Searching for cenotes in the jungle.


We found both small and big once.




Day trip to Chichen Itza.


Took the ferry to Cozumel.



Celebrating Christmas on the beach. Guess who’s the Santa? ;)

We dove with bullsharks. It’s we who sits nicely in a row down there on the bottom. Our instructor strictly told us that we must not wave to much with our arms or legs because then they can come and “nibble” a bit. I wasn’t nervous at all. Not even a bit ;)



Took a day trip with a catamaran to Isla mujeres.


My sweet parents in law <3



David talked to Mr Pelican.


He didn’t seem that impressed by the conversation.


Spinnaker swing!

We ate a lot of really good food. Mostly seafood. nomnom.


Sugar skulls everywhere!



Happy new year!


Another day in paradise!



David the mermaid.


Rented a car and searched for turtle beaches and Mayan temples in Tulum.



Time to dive in cenotes!



Such an amazing experience! It feels like you are floating around in space.


After we’ve been swimming around for a while, under earth, in the darkness, we saw the light and followed it up to a small cave. Then down again and back to from where we started and off to visit other cenotes.

We filmed a lot with GoPro down there but all the films got very dark (we didn’t have enough flashlights). So here’s a little you tube clip from another person who has been cave diving in Chikin ha (one of the cenotes that we dove in) just to show you how it might look.

If you’re ever in Mexico and like to dive I really recommend you to do this! :) Such a cool experience!

Thank you so much Rudquist family for a wonderful vacation <3 Now I’ve recharged my batteries to the max and I’m super excited for a awesome 2017! :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year as well <3

Hey ho, let’s go! 

12 January, 2017

Creative weeks

Hello everyone!

When I’m at work, I most of the time, work very creatively. But for the last couple of weeks, even my spare time has been very creative. And I don’t complain! I love that! ;)

So I thought I’d like to share that with you. What I’ve been up to lately. Besides making the new print, Free spirit and working with my posters, I’m working on a secret mission right now (and a very big one) that takes a lot of time. Something I’ve never done before, and that to me is very exciting! But it isn’t for sure that it will go the whole way through yet. So please keep you fingers crossed for me! Because if it will.. it will be sooo good! (I’ll tell you more about it when/if it becomes official ;)

Last week I’ve also been at the restaurant Teaterkällaren in Gothenburg  and helped them to make some signs and decorate their slates. It looked like this.







But at my spare time, I’ve also, in the past four months gone to a silver forging course every Thursday night. Nothing I’ve ever tried before. But two of my friends Elin and Lina has been there for the last 2 years and they’ve always been telling me how much fun it is and that I have to try it. So I did. And I couldn’t agree more… It’s sooo fun! Why haven’t I tried this before? It was so much fun that I had to sign me up for next spring’s semester as well. It’s so exciting to work with such a different material. Hammer, solder and get a little dirty until it actually becomes something beautiful that you can wear. So here is where you’ll find me next year as well.

… And this is what it looks like at our little silver workshop :)







Then I got the cutest gift from my boyfriend for my birthday. He knows me… I got a course in ceramics. And he was joining me as well! So that’s where we’ve been on the weekends lately. I don’t know who enjoyed it the most … he or I (haha). We got to try both pottery and and to model, roll and shape clay in the “usual” way. Super fun really! The hours just flew away!

… And it looked like this.







I’ve heard it’s pretty hard to pottery. And it was! But we got into it pretty quickly. Just in time until I made the final bowl of the day I actually started to get the hang of. (Although most of them were rather oblique, but I see it as charming ;) And the teachers are super talented and very helpful!

Thank you honey for such a wonderful gift! It was sooo fun to do this together with you <3

If you too are eager to try some kind of creative course (in Sweden), I really recommend any of these! I thought it was so fun! Both the silver forging and the pottery course was booked through the Adult Education Association in Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more about it here:

Now I’ll continue on the creative track but in a much sweeter form. Because now when Christmas is just around the corner, you’ll just have to build gingerbread houses (and of course, make marzipan penguins in Santa hats ;)

Hope you all have a really lovely Christmas!

Hugs from Sanna


7 December, 2016

Welcome to my studio! <3

Wohoo! Christmas is just around the corner! Time to decorate Christmas trees, put the saffron buns in the oven and to fill our throats with mulled wine! And the most important thing of all … Time to shop Christmas gifts to our loved ones!

So if you’re thinking: “Woaw! Signed art prints and posters would fit perfectly as christmas gifts!” and you don’t want to order them online,  you are more than welcome to visit me in my studio here in Gothenburg and buy my prints directly from me. I’m here every Mon-Fri from 10:00 am “until late a clock” until Monday, December 19, 2016 (After that I’m off to Mexico for some holiday for a few weeks).

Here in the studio, I also have black, thin, aluminum frames in sizes to fit all my prints and posters. So if you want, I’m also happy to frame them for you and wrap them nicely.

So the are ready to be placed under the Christmas tree directly when you get home :)


The studio is located in Vasa at Karl Gustavsgatan 17 in Gothenburg. Just give me a tinkle when you’re outside and I’ll come and open for you (it’s located on a courtyard, so you can’t see it from the main street). Whether you want to shop prints or not, you’re always welcome to visit me, just to say hello!

Warmly welcome!

… And this is what my studio looks like <3 #mylittlehappyplace








1 December, 2016


Nobody could have missed that it’s Black Friday today. I don’t really know how I feel about it. Before I worked with this, I worked at Gina Tricot (a clothing store) for many years. Where we often had periods of big sale. During sale, people just went crazy and could even start fighting about the clothes! So when I think about sale or Black Friday,  I just feel like putting a helmet on and hide. Haha…

But since my company name SWART means (by the pronunciation) black in Swedish. I think, of course, that we should celebrated this “SWART FRIDAY”! I happily join the trend! :)

So! Until Sunday, November 27 until midnight (swedish time) you’ll get 15% discount on all posters and prints in my shop. Even on the sale! (So you will basically get them for free! ;) Just enter the discount code: SWARTFRIDAY at the checkout and you’ll get 15% off on the entire purchase.

Hope you’ll have a lovely day of shopping everyone! I’m celebrating this crazy day by painting with black ink and packing orders. Tonight me and my man will go on a pottery course! It’s gonna be really fun! :)

Big hugs / Sanna



25 November, 2016

Free spirit – NYTT PRINT!

Now, finally it’s time for a new print! And that’s not the only thing… it also includes birds! (I love birds if there is anyone who hasn’t noticed that ;) Let me introduce my latest print to the family… (drum roll) FREE SPIRIT!


The idea of this illustration was at first, to be honest, that I wanted to make a poster with these über cute little birds (It’s a blue tit and great tit in the picture). But I also wanted to make an illustration that symbolizes freedom in some way.

It’s not natural for a bird to be trapped in a cage. And sometimes we humans feel the same in some contexts. We feel trapped. In everyday life, or maybe at work. There are so many out there who have big dreams but don’t take the chance to live them out. We say to ourselves (or perhaps someone else) that we can’t handle certain things in life. “I’m too old for that”. The law of Jante is peeking in and says that you shouldn’t think so much of yourself. So we lock ourselves in. It’s so easy to stay in the comfort zone when you’re doubting yourself. But the nice thing about being human is that we (usually) can choose whether we want to stay in the cage, or open the door and try our wings … and I definitely vote for the last option! ;)

So this illustration is a little push! Just as the birds in the picture, take control! If you really want to do something, you can! Open the door to the cage of doubts and fly! We are capable of amazing things! Unless you have at least grown two meters just by trying. And probably opened a lot of doors to succeed next time ;)

For example. When I chose to quit my job to start working as an artist, I had so many doubts! Before I took that step I often thought “OMG, how will this work? I can’t quit a job like this just because I want to work as an artist? Is working as an artist even a real job?

I don’t know anything about how to run a business. Will I make it?! “And a hundred other self-critical questions. But somewhere in there, I wanted it so much (And I still do).

It screamed in me despite my wall/cage of a doubt that I so many times had built up inside of me. Thanks to the strong will and a incredibly support from loved ones, I took the plunge. And nothing has ever felt so right or so much fun! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! I’m so incredibly grateful for that I took that step. I dared.

I want everyone to experience that someday in life. That incredibly overwhelming feeling once you have conquered your insecurity, doubt and sometimes fears. Even if it might will be a tough journey to get there sometimes (Or easy!). Whether it’s about a job or not, or if the dream is big or small. Or if it’s just about daring bungee jumping or talk infront of a lot of people. I wish that everyone get to feel like a “free spirit” sometimes… <3

… And to play down this deep pep talk (but I’m very serious about it! <3) Here are, as usual some pictures of the actual drawing process.


First sketch.


The beginning of a blue tit.


Slowly getting there.


Tadaaa! And it’s finished!

And this is how it looks like as art prints and posters.


All the A5, A4 and A3 prints are sealed in plastic pockets with a little business card on the back.


All the 50×70 & 70×100 posters are wrapped in silk paper and then packed in black paper tubes.


Now is the illustration Free spirit available as signed art prints and posters in several different sizes in my webshop. Hope you like it! :)

23 November, 2016

Decorating eggs for Halloween.

For some reason it has become a tradition the last couple of years to decorate eggs for Halloween. Maybe it would be more appropriate to do so during Easter. But apperently, I think it’s more fun with a little more scarier motives ;)

Last year, it looked like this.



I really don’t know why I painted these eggs like eyes. I was just making breakfast and boiled some eggs and thought that it would be fun to paint them a little bit scary for Halloween. The shape of an egg fits quite well as an eye as well. So later that day I sat down and played and painted eggs to eyes in my kitchen. When they were finished I took a picture of them and posted it on Instagram and wished everybody a happy Halloween and it quickly became quite populare. It was also shared by repost app and got over 170,000 likes. So fun! :)

This year, I wanted to paint skulls. At first I painted a little more traditional skulls but thought they were a bit boring and “gray” so then I went over to painting “sugar skulls” instead. A little more colorful varieties.

They can look like this:


So here’s the making process of my sugar scull eggs! At first I made a quick sketch with graphite pencils and after that I used Posca markers. Posca are very fun and easy to work with. They are a type of acrylic pens and are available in lots of different colors and thicknesses. Perfect for egg decorations! ;)




Dropped one on the floor.He got so scared that he dropped his jaw.


And they are finished! Tadaa! Right now they are just laying in a bowl in the studio as a decoration. But I thought I might use them for next years easter twigs ;)

Then I got another idea! I wanted to make a pretty bowl to put all the candy in for all the cute “trick or treat” kids visiting during Halloween. So I took a yellow old Easter egg and decorated in the same way.



Some “bling bling”


This one got a black background instead of gray ( I painted tha background with ordinary acrylic paint). Not that bad right? :)


Now that this Halloween weekend is over, it’s just standing on the shelf in the studio as a decoration. I made some extra “halloween eggs” and filled them with home-baked sweets and gave away. Easter eggs are a pretty nice thing to decorate. Suddenly it becomes a rather nice box that you can fill with something sweet. Whether it’s Easter, Halloween, another feast or just a day that you want to spoil someone you care about. Try it! I promise it will be appreciated :)

(and a few weeks later after I wrote this, I decided to put the eggs in my tiny christmas tree in the studio. A fun and very different kind of Christmas decoration ;) 

31 October, 2016

Last chance! 50% off on art prints.

Well, now it’s time to let go of some oldies and to make room for new prints!

My head has almost been exploding of ideas lately. But I’ve been working a lot with commissions and other bigger projects the last couple of months so I haven’t really had the time to make new prints. But now it’s time to change that! Wihoo! I’m really excited!

Therefore, I need to let go of some old favourites. As the swedish saying goes  “out with the old and in with the new.” So now it’s time to celebrate this happy good bye with some “last chance prices” on selected prints. 50% off to be precise (on all sizes), on 7 different illustrations. There are only a few left in stock and I won’t print them again. So hurry up if you like them! This is the last chance to get hold of them!

All illustrations are, as usual, completely drawn by hand and then printed on art paper of the finest quality. All prints & posters are signed personally by me before take-off and delivered without a frame within 2-6 working days in Sweden (A few days longer delivery time when shipping ouside the boarder of Sweden #worldwideshipping!).

Go get them now! There are only a few left in the shop :)



















25 October, 2016

How to paint porcelain flowers on toilets.

In September I got a call from Marcus, who is one of the wonderful guys who runs the restaurant The BARN in Gothenburg. I’ve been working with them before. Helping them to illusion paint their metall roll-top outside the restaurante so it looked like wooden planks and I’ve made some drawings for their restaurant and now he called me and revealed that they had started on a new and very exciting project. 1st October 2016, they would open a new restaurant in Gothenburg. Teaterkällaren! (Theatre Basement in english)

Everything would go in a little old-fashioned, French / Swedish country style kind of look, and he wondered if I could help them decorate their toilets so that they would match the theme. I giggled a little at first. It’s not every day that you get the request to paint toilets. But of course I thought this sounded really fun and I told him that I would love to do it!

They wanted a blue floral pattern. Similar to the flowers on the Ostindia porcelain from Rörstrand (It’s also the porcelain serie that they will use at the restaurant). So I immediately started googling pictures and sketching on a pattern that I thought would match the porcelain.

This is how the Ostindia porcelain looks like. .




I had never painted on porcelain before. So I bought some porcelain paint and sat and practiced on plates a few evenings at home while watching TV. Really cozy homework! ;)

My dear grandmother was in fact a master of painting on porcelain and the motives were very often small, blue-purple flowers (“granny glasses” and bluebells if I remember it correctly). So it felt a bit like when I was a kid and at my grandmother’s house and we sat together painting (but this time by myself). I used water colors on paper and she painted tiny blue flowers on egg cups. Wonderful memories! <3

From the beginning the plan was just to paint three toilets with floral pattern. But it ended up with three toilets and three walls covered with this pattern. ( It wasn’t actually me who couldn’t stop myself and went bananas along the way, it was the guys at Teaterkällaren who wanted it like that ;)

….And this is how it turned out in the end!








.Not so bad right? :)

….And here are som pictures from the process.










Me, sneaking around taking pictures.



Full action! Here it’s only one week left before the opening of the restaurant.

















Last flower painted!






I also drew two signs with their logo on, to display outside the restaurant. And decorated their blackboards inside Teaterkällaren which they use as menus.  It look like this:

And this is how it looks like inside the rest of the restaurant.


Matching porcelain.












.Doesn’t it look nice? I love this kind of old, country-style when it comes to interior.

Thank you Teaterkällaren for a very fun commission work! It has been so nice to work with you these days. Next time we meet, I promise that I won’t wear my dirty painting clothes and hang out at the toilet all night long, I’ll be sitting at the dining table with a glass of red wine in my hand and munch on some good cheeses instead ;)

À bientôt!


10 October, 2016

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