Blues Badger – NEW PRINT!

This time I wanted to make a new boyfriend for my ladies!

I wanted to draw a guy in a suit, a handsome one. I wanted him to be clean, black and white, stylish yet with a tough attitude (perhaps even a little bad boy?).

I always wanted to draw a badger. I think the are so adorable and cool at the same time! But for some reason, I think that a badger looks like a little old man. Maybe not as a tough “suit guy”. More like a handsome older man with a top hat? So I did a sketch on the last option just to see what it would look like.



It wasn’t the feeling I had in mind from the beginning, AT ALL. Down in the trash you go!

I started over again. And again, and again. Stubborn as I am I had decided to make it a badger in costume! That looks cool. Punto.

Sketch after sketch ended up in the trash and it all started to feel a bit hopeless. I took a little break from the badger idea for a few weeks. Then, suddenly one day when I was searching for inspiration online of different kind of styles and suits for my badgerman I saw a picture of the Blues Brother. There! There he is! That’s the kind of look and attitude he should have!


Eagerly I threw myself over the pens again! Disappeared into my own, creative, little world the whole day. The time just flew away! And later that night, Blues badger was born :)




blues badger frame

Now finally, he’s available as art print in several different sizes with the rest of his crew, in the SHOP.

Monday September 14th, 2015