DIY – Bag in box Easter Egg

It’s finally Easter! A weekend where the Swedes apparently eat about 2000 tons of eggs (that’s about 32 million eggs) and 1.4 kg of candy per person. How crazy is that?

I’m of course included in the statistics! In our family, we’ve had the tradition of looking for hidden Easter eggs filled with sweets in mom and dad’s garden every Easter Eve. Year after year. 3 years or 33, it doesn’t matter! You’re never too old for a good Easter egg hunt! <3

If you would like to skip the candy and make a slightly more adult kind of Easter egg you can always fill it with wine instead. Yes, you heard me! A bag in box egg! Something I tried out for the first time last year and just had to make once again! It was a success! (see picture below).

And! They are pretty easy to make! :)

This is what you need:

  • An Easter egg
  • A knife or a scissor.
  • A glue gun or regular glue.
  • A half full (or half empty) bag in box with a wine that you like.

Remove the bag from the bag in box and discard the carton. Cut two half moon on both edges of the egg halves (So there will be a round hole when they are put together). Place the spout of the bag in the box out through the hole of the egg and place the wine bag inside the egg. (It may happen that you have to empty the bag a little to get more space depending on the size of the bib and the egg #tobadforyou #cheers). Put a little glue along the edges of both egg halves and press them together (with the wine bag inside). Let it dry aaand voila! You’ve made a bag in box egg!

Pretty fun, huh? Regardless if you’re making bib eggs or not this weekend I hope that you all will have a wonderful Easter! <3

Talk to you soon again!

xoxo / Sanna


Thursday April 18th, 2019